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Religion and Philosophy

Casey W. Davis, Ph.D., Chair

Whether students are looking to become pastors or volunteer in their churches, want to draw closer to God or are simply curious about Christianity, the Religion and Philosophy Department will meet them where they are and help them move forward in their knowledge and application of Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Theology, and various forms of ministry.  However, the most important focus is a growing relationship with God.  The professors are recognized experts in their fields who not only publish scholarly works but can relate to students on a personal level.

The Department's three majors are tailored to meet students' needs.  The Religion and Philosophy major is geared for the student who is looking to continue on to seminary or some other form of graduate school.  The Ministry major is for that person who is hoping to go into ministry right out of college and possibly do graduate work later on.  The Biblical Studies major is focused on studying the Bible, both from an academic and personal point of view.  Any of these majors and the classes associated with them are also a wonderful fit for the student who is not going into ministry or on to graduate school but is wanting to grow in his or her relationship with and service to God. 

The Department offers majors in the following:
A. Biblical Studies, B.A.
B. Ministry, B.A.
C. Philosophy-Religion, B.A.

The Department offers minors in the following:
A. Biblical Languages
B. Biblical Studies
C. Ministry
D. Philosophy
E. Theology

Double Majors within the Department

Students may not earn double majors in any of the majors housed in the department (Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Philosophy-Religion).

To speak with a representative in the Department of Religion and Philosophy, call 585.594.6972.