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General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements **
For the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees:

Behavioral Science* [3]

BIB 101^ Old Testament Literature and Theology [3]
BIB 102 New Testament Literature and Theology [3]
CMC 101^ Principles of Speech [2]
CMP 101^ Principles of Writing [3]
Students are expected to complete this course within the first two semesters of matriculation.  A minimum grade of C- is required.
CMP 102 Writing & Research [3]
Fine Arts^ Choose two* of the following:
ART 101 or a non-liberal arts studio course [2, 3], or MUS 104 [2], or FNA 102 [2]

Foreign Language*

Students must demonstrate proficiency (refer to Foreign Language Proficiency for details).

GED 100 ^

First-Year Seminar [2]
Required of all freshmen.  May be waived for students transferring to the College with 18 or more semester hours and students over age 25.
GED 401^ Today's World and Its Great Issues [2]
Required of all seniors.
History HST 102 Western Civilization I [3] or
HST 103^ Western Civilization II [3]

History, Economics, or Social Sciences Elective* [3]

Lab Science* [3-4]

LIT 101          Introduction to Literature [3]
Math* Students must demonstrate proficiency (refer to Mathematics Proficiency for details).
PED 100 Fundamentals of Physical Education [1]
PED 1XX Skills in Physical Education (Elective) [1]
One PED skills course is required; a maximum of two may be counted toward the degree.
PHL 202^ Philosophical and Ethical Issues* [3]


** The number in brackets indicates semester hours.
* Courses taken to fulfill these requirements may be specified by divisions for their majors.  Refer to Program Descriptions for specific course requirements for each major.  Refer to Modifications to the General Education Program for students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the professional programs.
^ Honors sections of these courses are available for students admitted to the Honors Program.