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International Programs/Short-term Study Abroad

Roberts Wesleyan College offers additional short-term study abroad opportunities in the form of On-Location Courses.  These courses generally meet several times during the semester in preparation for an on-location experience structured to enrich the classroom learning.  The travel portion of these courses ranges from one to four weeks and is billed to students as a "course fee."  Offerings include:

A. Art in Europe as ART 490

B. Teaching English as a Second Language in Japan as GED 200

This on-location course will introduce students to teaching English as a Second Language via classroom study and hands-on teaching experience at Osaka Christian College.  Students will also experience Japanese culture in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, Japan.  Students will gain an understanding into the techniques and philosophies of teaching English, practice lesson plans, and develop English learning activities for a two-day "English Camp."  This will be set in the context of Japanese values, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and communication styles.

C. History on Location as HST 320

This travel course is offered on demand usually during the spring semester.  Topics and travel locations vary, but the focus is normally on European history and includes a 7 to 14 day travel excursion.  Past topics and locations have included "Medieval England," "Gothic Paris," "Ancient Greece," and "Renaissance Italy." 


D. Nursing in Guatemala as NSG 370

This course is designed to introduce students to the culture, health care needs, and the health care system of Guatemala. Students will have the opportunity to compare village transcultural nursing with community health and institutional nursing in the U.S. The students develop individual learning outcomes with guidance from the instructor, making use of available resources. The course encourages personal and spiritual growth through integration of faith, learning and service. Students are required to do collateral reading, write journals or papers, and attend preparatory classes held during the fall semester.

E. Social Work in Jamaica as SWK 490

F. Social Work in China as SWK 490

This course meets four-five times during the spring semester followed by travel to China during the last two weeks in May.  Students may register for this three-hour graduate/undergraduate course as a spring semester elective.  The trip begins by flying into Shanghai, China where the first night is spent.  The group then travels by bus to ShangRoa, China which is about the size of Rochester.  At the ShangRoa Social Welfare Institute, students will care for abandoned children whose ages range from two days to 16 years.  Much knowledge will be gained regarding the plight and needs of orphaned children in China as well as learning why it is important for Americans to be concerned about children on the other side of the planet.  Students will also be touched by the beauty of China and its people.  The trip is well coordinated so that guides will meet us at Shanghai airport and provide interpreting services throughout the trip.