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International Programs/Semester-long Study Abroad

Students interested in the many study abroad opportunities available should consult the Global Education Coordinator, who is the designated study-abroad advisor. The College endorses the following programs:

Roberts Wesleyan College Programs:

A. Instituto Espanol Murallas de Avila (IEMA) in Spain

IEMA was created to provide a study abroad semester in Spain which includes home-stays with Spanish families.  Students working toward a major, minor, or concentration in Spanish are encouraged to consider this study abroad option offered during selected spring semesters.  Roberts Wesleyan students study together in courses designed specifically for our program and managed by RWC's Spanish Department Head Maria Villodre.  All courses are taught in Spanish, and students receive extensive language, cultural, and advanced Spanish credit.

B.  Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston, Jamaica

This program was initiated in spring of 2011 for eligible juniors and seniors seeking a study abroad experience in the Carribbean.  The programs of study at Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS) are particularly conducive for students majoring in Religion-Philosophy, Contemporary Ministries, and Biblical Studies, although the program is open to students from all majors.  Courses are taught in English, and housing in campus dormitories is provided. 

C.  University of Murcia in Murcia, Spain

This program was created for students who wish to further their knowledge of Spanish language and to study aspects of both Spanish and Hispanic culture. This program has been designed to incorporate two levels: pre-intermediate level and advanced level of Spanish.  Students take courses in Spanish with other international students at the University of Murcia and live in off-campus housing.  Offered during selected spring semesters.

Roberts Wesleyan College Partner Programs:

A.  Australia Studies Centre 

The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.  ASC is a "cultural studies program with an arts emphasis, based in Sydney, Australia...Designed to provide undergraduates of all majors and career interests with opportunities to participate in Sydney's art culture, the program also educates students in Indigenous affairs and Australia's role as a global economic power."

B.   China Studies Program  

The China Studies Program (CSP) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.  CSP is an interdisciplinary semester program hosted by Xiamen University in southeastern China.  Students will learn about Chinese culture, religion, politics and economics and the role of China as it grows as a world power.

C. Houghton in Australia

In cooperation with Houghton College, students may experience a semester in Australia.  Students study at Kingsley College in Melbourne, exploring faith and life in Australia over the course of 12½ weeks.  The program combines academic work with travel and cultural engagement.

D. Houghton in Tanzania

In cooperation with Houghton College, students may experience a semester in Tanzania.  Students will study African history, anthropology, environment, language, politics, and religion over the course of an intensive 12-week semester.  There are also extended trips to game reserves and tribal villages.

E.  Latin American Studies Program  

The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.  Students learn Spanish as well as Latin American culture, politics, religion, economics, history, and ecology.  There is an opportunity to live with host families and engage in service learning.  In addition, students are given time to travel to other Central American countries.

F.  Middle East Studies Program  

The Middle East Studies Program (MESP) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Students will gain understanding in the intersection of culture, religion, economics, and politics in the Middle East, as well as the global dimensions of the Islamic faith.  MESP will help students "understand the complex issues surrounding current regional conflicts and ongoing efforts toward achieving a lasting peace in the Middle East" and learn about the history of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish relations in the Middle East. 

G.  Oxford Programs  

The Oxford Programs are offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. "The CCCU offers a variety of programmes and services in Oxford. Collectively, these efforts are coordinated by the centre for Scholarship & Christianity In Oxford, the UK arm of the Council. SCIO provides teaching, service, and support for The Scholars' Semester in Oxford, the Oxford Summer Programme."

H.  Russia Studies Program  

The Russia Studies Program (RSP) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. "The Russian Studies Program provides participants with the opportunity to be on the edge of discovery as political and economic events daily influence the Russia of tomorrow and her relationship with the West.  The program seeks to prepare students to live out their faith in a multinational and culturally diverse world," in three cities in Russia, through curriculum and through a host family experience.

I.  Uganda Studies Program  

The Uganda Studies Program (USP) is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Students study at the Uganda Christian University Honours College in courses taught by local faculty. "Topics such as Christianity and Islam in Contemporary Africa, African Literature, and East African History will present many insights into African life because of the guidance of faculty who live in and love Uganda and East Africa." The USP also offers students the opportunity to engage in home stays, travel, service learning and daily interaction with Honours College students.

Independent Programs:

Students may choose to study abroad with an independent program provider (e.g., CIS, CEA, SUNY schools, IES, etc.) if Roberts partner programs do not meet their criteria. In this case, the student must fill out an Off-Campus Study Form with Student Services at the time of registration in order to notify the College of their intent to study off campus.  Students on independent study abroad programs may continue to receive Federal and State financial aid; however, they are ineligible for both Roberts institutional aid and the Off-Campus Enrichment Scholarship.