What Makes Us DIfferent


Our Undergraduate Business Program seeks to transform our students by implementing four distinct character traits throughout our four year program:Hope and Courage, Integrity, Personal Excellence, and Servant Leadership. How do we use these important character traits to integrate the Christian faith into our program?  Read on...


  The Business department faculty and staff are dedicated to building community, both within the department and through connections within the local and global communities. Here are just a few of the ways we work to accomplish this goal:   

  • September Welcome & Kick-off Event - We like to get the year started by giving everyone a chance to get together and get to know each other: student-to-student and student-to-faculty/staff. It's a very laid-back, fun, yummy, event with games, food, and prizes.
  • Community Spaces - No matter where our department has called 'home' on the Roberts campus (and there have been no less than four locations over the years), we work hard as a department to use our resources toward building community. In some of our past facilities, this has been a challenge, but we're very pleased to tell you that we have been thoroughly enjoying our current location for the past three years. We were able to design our space in the Hastings Center ourselves and were very purposeful to create meaning spaces for community building. Our lounge/cafe is a great place for commuters, resident students, and faculty and staff to hang out. Just across the hall is our dedicated computer lab, just for Business students (group projects, anyone?), and our SIFE lounge and conference room is another great place to relax and/or work together. Faculty and staff are also glad to have students stop in to their offices to chat. We're here for our students, after all, and enjoy getting to know you!
  • Essay Scholarship Contest - Each year, as a department, we host an essay scholarship contest, with 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place awards of $200, $300, and $500, respectively. The topic is the character theme that's being emphasized that year (see above section). It's a great way to share the experience and gain a collective understanding of what it means to live for Christ.
  • Panel Discussions - We also host an annual panel discussion related to the year's character theme. Speakers are local business people and recent alumni from our program. It's always very inspiring to hear how each is excercising that year's character trait in meaningful ways, both personally and professionally. This also serves as another opportunity to become closer as a community within the Business department.
  • Community Activities - Working together on a shared goal is another great way to build community. We offer our students many opportunities to work with each other and with faculty and staff in both the local and global communities. Whether it's applying entrepreneurial solutions to economic issues in Guatemala, combating an appalling high school drop-out rate in the City of Rochester, or addressing social and educational needs of children orphaned by the 2004 tsunami in India, we grow together by serving in Jesus' name.
  • Awards Banquet - Our annual awards banquet is a culminating celebration of the amazing things our amazing students do throughout the year. Not only are our seniors recognized in each of the four character traits of our Transformation Process, but others of our students who have been recognized by our local (and international) business community are celebrated, as well.