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Program Overview

The Marketing major is designed to prepare students for a  profession in a wide variety of industries and marketing subspecialties.  Because marketing is typically regarded as a "top level" function  within an organization - vital to any business or organization in today's  competitive global economy - business skills, creativity, originality, and  communication skills are essential.

The major builds on a strong general education foundation and coursework in each of the core business disciplines (management, accounting, marketing,  economics, finance, and information systems), with focused marketing  courses that address the primary functional concerns of commerce, industry, and  non-profit organizations. Students will also be familiarized with e-commerce.

To prepare students and develop their capacity to operate successfully in a  wide variety of career opportunities, the program stresses academic preparation  in marketing concepts, skills building, problem solving, and hands-on,  real-life experience through class projects and an internship in the  marketing field.

Students must earn a grade point average of at least 2.50, both  cumulative and in the Management courses, to graduate in the major.


Marketing Courses (21 hours)

MKT 325-Internship Preparation (1)

MKT 360-Creativity & Problem Solving (3)

MKT 401-Marketing Research (3)

MKT 402-Marketing Management (3)

MKT 450-Internship Experience (2)


And three courses from the following:

MKT 340-Advertising (3)

MKT 345-Consumer Behavior (3)

MKT 350-Integrated Marketing Communication (3)

MKT 355-Personal Selling and Sales Management (3)

Marketing Minor - 18 Cr

MKT 201 - Principles of Marketing (3 credits)

MKT 340 - Advertising (3 credits)

MKT 360 - Creativity and Problem Solving (3 credits)

And three courses from the following:

MKT 345 - Consumer Behavior (3 credits)

MKT 350 - Integrated Marketing Communication (3 credits)

MKT 355 - Personal Selling and Sales Management (3 credits)

MKT 401 - Marketing Research (3 credits)

MKT 402 - Marketing Management (3 credits)