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Strategic Marketing - Overview


MSMK is designed to maximize your marketing potential and professional value through real opportunities to leverage your learning with actual clients and companies in our community. Classes meet at convenient locations, one evening per week, from 6-10 PM. Classroom interactions leverage the professional experience of the professors and cohort members, creating an atmosphere where learning is immediately applicable to professional responsibilities.


Graduate learning takes place in groups of 8 to 20 students (referred to as a cohort), which remain together through the 16 month span of the program. The cohort structure enhances productivity and provides networking opportunities. Learners share experiences, ideas, and perspectives, which enhance each other’s learning.


Modular design allows students to focus on one class at a time rather than simultaneous study in multiple classes. Students complete one course for five weeks, then move on to the next module. The integrated nature of the coursework all works toward a capstone experience in the formation of an integrated marketing communications plan.


Welcome from MSMK Director

Strategic Marketing is an art of choosing customers, acquiring them, keeping them, and developing them through the delivery of superior customer value.

If you enjoy the creative challenge of advancing ideas, products, and organizations in the minds of customers, the Master of Science in Strategic Marketing (MSMK) is a unique and compelling graduate program for you. This cutting-edge program allows you the opportunity to focus your graduate studies in one specific field of interest, rather than experiencing one or two courses as part of a broader MBA.

Students graduate with an intensive and life-changing learning experience that has provided them with marketing and brand management competencies, strategic insights and perspectives. I personally invite you to join our family of scholar practitioners as a student in the Strategic Marketing program.

Dr. Joel R. HoomansJoel_Hoomans_intro
Doctor of Strategic Leadership
Director of Graduate Studies