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(New York State Assembly Minority Leader) Brian Kolb M.S.M. 2 was awarded the "2012 Distinguished Alumni Award" from Finger Lakes Community College during Winter 2012 for his hard work and commitment as well as serving as a strong advocate for the power of education. Leader Kolb has continually made supporting education, higher education, and community colleges top legislative addition to his tireless advocacy on the issues of education, higher education, and supporting community colleges, Leader Kolb has taught and inspired students inside the classroom, having previously served as an Adjunct Professor of Adult and Graduate Education at Roberts Wesleyan College, where his students twice selected him "Outstanding Faculty Member."

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Sally Loughry M.S.M. 13 has been nominated as Technology Woman of the Year by Digital Rochester.

Annette Gantt M.S.M. 23 was appointed Vice President of Field Operations and Knowledge Management at Communities in Schools.

Sheila Roman M.S.L. 27 recently began a new position within the Development Office at Charles Finney School.

Joseph Davis M.S.L. 38 published a book titled, Police Administration - A Leadership Approach. He credits his experience in the program and knowledge gained as being the catalyst for the book.

David Vedro M.S.L. 46, accepted a new position with Unity as their Leadership Development Manager. He views our faculty as friends and advocates, giving him inspiration and guidance as he went through the program and connecting him with other great people in the community.

Congratulations to recent graduate Tracy Watkins M.S.L. 56, who was pictured on the front page of the Business section of the Democrat & Chronicle on Sunday, October 2, 2011! Tracy was shown inspecting optical parts for camera lenses under a light; the issue focused on optics, photonics, and imaging as part of an 8-week series on our economy's future.

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