William Todd
Associate Professor of Business
location: - Hastings
phone: 585.594.6041
email: toddw@roberts.edu



M.B.A., Abilene Christian University
P.C.M., Professionally Certified Marketer by American Marketing Association


Professional Experience

Faculty member of RWC since 1984
Professor of undergraduate and graduate business programs
Lead professor of the undergraduate marketing major
Faculty supervisor for the undergraduate business program
Advisor of graduate projects
Chair, RWC Business Department, 1988-1992
First lead professor in the MHR (now OM) program; marketing consultant to that program.
Pioneered the marketing for adult and graduate programs at RWC.
Completed numerous feasibility studies for several undergraduate and graduate programs.
Developed curriculum conceptualization and all necessary matters relating to the preparation and approvals of the New York State proposal for a Master’s Degree in Management (MSM/now MSL).
Completed a tour of duty in Roberts Wesleyan College administration.
Roberts Wesleyan College Director of Development.
Over 20 years of marketing in corporate America; extensive practical business experience with Eastman Kodak Company and Continental Oil Company (CONOCO).
Continues to be a marketing consultant for RWC programs as well as outside organizations.

Areas of Expertise