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Concentration in Ceramics

RWC_Student _045The Ceramics concentration is designed for the student who is interested in developing as a ceramic artist. The courses included in this concentration are Foundations Three Dimensional Design, Ceramics I, II, III.

Ceramics I begins as an introductory level studio art class that familiarizes students with various aspects of the art making process, using stoneware clay as the medium. Basic hand building and wheel throwing techniques, along with various surface and high fire glazing techniques are also covered.

Ceramics II students continue to develop technical skills in hand building, wheel throwing or in combinations of both of these techniques. Further investigation into content, form, and surface treatment is explored related to the individual student’s developing vocabulary.

Ceramics III is an advanced level studio course that is designed by the student under the advisement and direction of the professor. A list of assignments and research projects are determined and ultimately approved by the professor.








By the senior year each student has participated in other ceramic studio related activities such as, loading and unloading kilns, firing kilns, glaze study and testing, clay mixing, and general studio maintenance. The student can continue study in advanced techniques and skills not covered in the lower level ceramic studio courses with Independent Study courses designed by the student and approved by the professor. Typically these courses are taken in conjunction with the senior thesis/capstone work in preparation for the senior exhibition and for preparing the student’s portfolio for application of graduate study.

There are a myriad of careers that a graduate of the ceramic program can pursue, some include: studio artist, K-12 art teacher, art professor, ceramic designer, glaze technician, studio manager.