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Our Program

In the Visual Art Program, students investigate the beauty and richness of God’s good creation through intense studio exploration both in traditional technique and contemporary approach. These studio programs work in concert with Art History and liberal arts courses to develop a comprehensive understanding of visual language and our visual heritage. 

Our curriculum prepares students for a variety of pursuits, including studio artist, work in commercial and professional disciplines, and graduate study.

Art internships with local businesses provide students with on-the-job experience. Internships are arranged according to individual career objectives.


Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Studio Art

Students who have a strong interest in the Visual Arts and Design and wish to have a strong core curriculum in the visual arts, which allows for more intensified study within a particular area of specialization, would opt for this degree.

For this degree, students take as many as 60 semester hours of visual art including a 21 hour concentration in at least one specialized area.

Concentrations include:



Drawing and Painting

Graphic Design



Media Art-Video


Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

Students who wish to have a more interdisciplinary liberal arts experience, with a focus in Studio Art would opt for this degree.

This degree offers a strong foundational program in the visual arts that leads to a focus of 12 semester hours in at least one specialized area, while providing the freedom to complete as much as 90 hours of study within other liberal arts disciplines at the college.



Minor in Studio Art/Design

The minor in Art consists of at least 18 semester hours in Studio Art/Design Courses.

Students are required to take two (2) of four (4) Foundations courses (ART 102, 103, 104, and 105). The balance of the Art minor may be filled with studio electives or art history courses.