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Childhood/Students With Disabilities & Special Education, B.S.

Available Concentrations (sample program checksheets):

Childhood/Students With Disabilities Fine Arts
Childhood/Students With Disabilities Language Arts
Childhood/Students With Disabilities Math
Childhood/Students With Disabilities Science
Childhood/Students With Disabilities Social Studies
Childhood/Students With Disabilities Spanish

This undergraduate major will lead to initial certification in both Childhood Education (grades 1-6) and Special Education (grades 1-6). Students enrolled in this major will be taught inclusive strategies that will allow them to teach in a traditional elementary class, a self-contained special education class at the elementary level, and an elementary inclusion classroom. The dual certification offered by this program will greatly enhance a graduate’s ability to be employed in either an elementary school or at a facility devoted solely to special education.

The Childhood/Special Education program requires a total of 124-141 semester hours, including the following: General Education (37-54 semester hours) Content Core Courses (30-37 semester hours) Pedagogical Core Courses (49 semester hours)

Specific General Education and Content Core courses are suggested for use in your program depending upon your concentration. Please refer to the Teacher Education Division for a comprehensive list of requirements for the degree. Students pursuing a major in Childhood/Special Education will also choose one area of concentration.