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Adolescent & Special Education, B.S.

Available Majors (sample program checksheets):

Social Studies

The Adolescent Education program leads to initial certification in the major for grades 7-12 with an extension for grades 5-6. Our comprehensive programs emphasize practical, hands-on learning including field experiences in area classrooms where students observe, participate and refine effective teaching methods.

Specific General Education and Content Core courses are required for use in your program depending on your major. Please refer to the Teacher Education Division for a comprehensive list of requirements for the degree.

The undergraduate program leads to initial teaching certification in one of the following subject areas: (Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, physics, Social Studies and Spanish).

The Adolescence Education program requires a total of 124-144 semester hours, including the following: General Education (37-52 semester hours) Pedagogical Core Courses (41 semester hours) Content Core Courses (35-54 semester hours) for more information about content area see individual division website.

Natural Science and Mathematics | Religion and Humanities