Student Faculty Research Fund

The Faculty/Student Research Fund was established in 2010 to provide the resources for the promotion of faculty/student research and grant writing at both the BSW and MSW levels. This newly created fund provides the vehicle for alumni, parents and community friends to provide the resources for faculty/student collaborations from within the MSW and BSW programs. This Fund seeks to expand beyond Robert Wesleyan College's current summer research program by providing opportunities for faculty/student collaboration projects year round. The Faculty/Student Research Fund will serve as the resource arm of the newly established Social Work Research Collaborative.

Questions about the Fund may be directed to:

Dr. David Skiff 
Chair, Department of Social Work 
Director of the BSW Program 
Associate Professor of Social Work and Sociology 
Office: (585) 594-6578 
Dr. Timothy Chaddock 
Professor of Social Work and Psychology 
Director, MSW Program 
Office: (585) 594-6361