Student Conference Attendance Fund

The Social Work Student Professional Conference Attendance Fund was created in 2010 to provide the opportunity for alumni, parents and community friends to assist current BSW and MSW students to attend professional conferences such as the North American Association of Christian Social Workers (NACSW) held each fall semester. Such conferences provide workshops that contribute to the overall professional growth of social workers and social work practice. Each conference provides a marvelous slate of keynote speakers highlighting a variety of timely topics. Attending a conference is an invaluable experience for students who have the opportunity to network with local and national professionals serving in varying capacities from within the social work profession.

Questions about either Fund may be directed to:

Dr. David Skiff 
Chair, Department of Social Work 
Director of the BSW Program 
Associate Professor of Social Work and Sociology 
Office: (585) 594-6578 
Dr. Timothy Chaddock 
Professor of Social Work and Psychology 
Director, MSW Program 
Office: (585) 594-6361