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Student Resources

Links to Relevant Professional Organizations

            Christian Association for Psychological Studies

            American Psychological Association

            American Association of Christian Counselors

            National Association for School Psychologists

            American School Counselor Association

  Writing Assistance

             Learning Center – RWC

             The RWC Learning Center can provide you with many resources to enhance your learning and writing.   Tutors are available!

             APA Style Writing Tips

            This document will provide you with some of the basics for writing papers in APA Style!

            Youtube Demonstration of APA Format

            Allow Youtube to coach you in setting up your computer for APA formatting of your papers.

  Resources useful for Career Exploration

             Careers in Psychology Brochure

             Developed by our RWC faculty, this document can give you some ideas of career paths that are open to Psychology Majors.

             Career Services Office – RWC

             This RWC Office can provide you with assistance in obtaining part-time work, internships, resume writing and interviewing.   Their website also provides access to some on-line career assessment tools that may be useful as you plan your career.

             Occupational Outlook Handbook

             This website has a wealth of information on careers and jobs.   It allows you to easily search for information about the job market, salary ranges, training requirements, etc. for a variety of careers.   Each entry provides helpful links to other related fields.

            Psychology Career Zone

            A website devoted to careers in psychology offering a wide variety of information and answers to many questions about careers!


            A general website with a variety of information about psychology, some of which is career related.