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B.S. Degree In Psychology

The B.S. Psychology degree program at Roberts Wesleyan places a much stronger emphasis on the scientific approach to the discipline and is designed specifically for students who wish to eventually pursue graduate education that is research-oriented and/or linked to doctoral study (Psy.D., Ph.D.). 

Students preparing for this advanced study must strive to obtain a GPA well above 3.0, be involved in original research, and perform successfully on standardized graduate school admission exams (GREs) to be considered for admission to these advanced programs. 

While the B.S. program includes all of the coursework required for the B.A. degree, it also requires students to participate in all of the psychology laboratory course offerings as well as both research-based courses.  This research/science focus will more fully prepare students for the rigors of graduate education, while also guaranteeing significant experience in research.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Research Practicum course twice in order to increase their involvement in original research.   Those graduates who go on for doctoral study in psychology will be prepared for professions in psychological research, college- level teaching and/or clinical practice.

The BS degree requires a minimum of 124 semester hours with 60 semester hours being in Liberal Arts credit.  The major requires a minimum of 51 credits in psychologyA cumulative grade point average of 2.7 is required for admission to the major and to graduate.

The B. S. major in Psychology requires 51 semester hours that include:

  • General Psychology (PSY 101)
  • Research Core (6-11 hours)                      
    • Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 309)*
    • Research Practicum (PSY 407) (may be taken for 3 or 4 credits and may be taken twice)
  • Personality Theory (PSY 401)
  • History of Psychology (PSY 403)
  • Psychology & Theology (PSY 406)
  • Field Work Preparation and Practicum (PSY 450A & 450B)
  • Laboratory Core:                      
    • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 304)
    • Psychology of Learning & Cognition (PSY 305)
    • Physiological Psychology (PSY 307)

Students must also choose:

Three of the following:

  • Developmental Psychology (PSY 201) or

Child and Adolescent Development (PSY 203)

(Students may take either PSY 201 or 203, but not both.  PSY 201 is highly recommended for the major).

  • Human Sexuality (PSY 202)
  • Organizational Behavior (PSY 260)
  • Psychology of Gender (PSY 301)
  • Social Psychology (PSY 306)

Three of the following:

  • Psychological Testing (PSY 302)*
  • Counseling Theory & Practice (PSY 308)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 402)
  • Advanced Counseling (PSY 405)

Recommended course:

  • The Composing Process (CMP 341)

*Statistics (MTH 200) is a prerequisite for Psychology 302  and 309. 

To view the checksheet/sequencing sheet for the major, click on the link below.

Psychology B.S.  Check Sheet 
Psychology Course Rotation Sheet
Psychology B.S. Course Sequence

NOTE: Since checksheets may vary year to year, students currently enrolled at RWC should obtain checksheets directly from the department.