Alumni Spotlight

Master of School Counseling Graduate, ‘11, Andrew Palmer is currently working in Beijing, China along with his wife, Lisa.   They are both working at Tsinghua International School (THIS).   Andrew is working as a School Counselor making himself available as a resource to students in 1st through 12th grade.  He also creates a monthly newsletter, speaks at school assemblies, has given a presentation to parents about the middle school child, and has invited a speaker for staff professional development.   He coached the High School Badminton Team and is now coaching the Middle School Boys’ Volleyball Team with his wife.   The couple helped coach the boys Middle School Volleyball team to the school's first conference championship! Read more about Andrew by clicking Andrew Palmer.

Palmer , Andrew
The faculty and staff at RWC wish to recognize the outstanding achievement of Elizabeth Pearson!  Elizabeth won the Triple C award which stands for Character, Citizenship, and a "can do spirit".  She was selected and nominated by her building and presented the award at the Board of Education meeting with the Churchville-Chili School District.  Congratulations to Elizabeth on this honor!  

Liz PearsonI am currently working as a school counselor at Churchville Elementary School and it has been a blessing.  I had the opportunity to work at Churchville-Chili Middle School last year. It has been a wonderful experience to work with different ages. These experiences have helped me to grow professionally.  As a school counselor at the elementary school level, I have many different responsibilities.  Some of the responsibilities involved in my job include working with students who have behavioral problems, mental health issues, and situational stressors, working with students who are struggling academically to help them figure out how to better achieve their goals in the classroom, working with teachers to provide strategies to help struggling learners and learners with behavioral issues in the classroom, working with parents to help foster communication between home and school, working with outside agencies (doctors, hospitals, social workers, etc.) to help obtain services and enable communication about students who need outside assistance, working on initiatives for school-wide character education programs, running groups for students who share a common problem or struggle, and dealing with the daily issues that arise within a school.

When thinking about what gives me joy each day in my job, my mind immediately jumps to the wonderful children I get the opportunity to work with.  The students with whom I work are a joy and a blessing. I feel so fortunate that their parents allow me the opportunity to work with them each and every day.  These children are the joys of my life and I truly look forward to seeing them every day – their honesty, vulnerability, and complete openness to new life experiences make them an example to all of us adults of how to live our lives.

Throughout my time working as a school counselor I have learned a lot, both about myself and about what a school counselor is.  I have learned that I can be more flexible than I thought I could be and deal with more each day than I previously thought possible.  I have also learned that, while it is a stressful job that requires long hours and a lot of work, I could not be happier.  Five years ago I would never have said that this is what I would be doing for a living, but today I would never do anything else! 

Liz Pearson, School Counselor, Churchville Elementary School