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Nursing Leadership & Administration - Accreditation

The baccalaureate and masters programs in nursing at Roberts Wesleyan College are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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Philosophy of the department

The philosophy and purpose of the Department of Nursing are directed toward the integration of faith and learning, examination of Christian ideals, and development of a consistent personal value system. Students are taught to provide wholistic care. Graduate programs prepare advanced practice nurses to serve as specialists in thier field.

The faculty view individualsas wholistic, unique, integrated beings created by God with spiritual, physical, psychological, and social elements. Harmonious interaction of these elements results in wholeness. Individuals strive for self-care and optimum health, thus maintaining wholeness.

Nursing is concerned with the response of individuals, families, groups, and communities to actual, perceived or potential health problems that interfere with wholeness. The goal of a nursing practice is to promote, maintain and/or restore optimal wholeness. This provides the foundation for every nurse-client interaction.

Wholeness cannot be achieved without consideration of the cultural beliefs and values of the client. Society, as an ever-changing system of groups and institutions, is characterized by great cultural diversity. Cultural sensitive nursing interventions result in the adaptation and development of programs and services that wholistically meet the diverse needs of clients.

Service, an integral compenent of caring, is multi-faceted and essential in the life of the Christian nurse. This professional is able to assess and provide direct and collaborative spiritual care, including referrals when appropriate. The nurse respects each client's unique beliefs by maintaining a non-judgmental, client-centered approach.

Sound nursing practice is built upon a braod base of liberal arts and professional knowledge. This provides a foundation for life long learning, for the pursuit of graduate education, for the development of a wholistic lifestyle, for growth as a professional nurse, and for adaptation within a changing society.

The responsibility for the developmental learning process is a partnership between faculty and students. Students are expected to be self-directed and responsible for their own learning, to be accountable for their behavior, and to utilize constructive feedback for personal and professional growth. Faculty members provide a supportive, intellectually stimulating environment in which caring behaviors are modeled. The cooperative, collaborative teaching approach promotes integration and use of content and transfer of concepts to client care situations. Evaluation is an inherent part of the teaching/learning process in which faculty and students share responsibility. Together, they work for planned change.

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