What our students say...













  • "I am more aware of the need for technology to advance the profession within the clinical arena, the dynamics or lack of within leaders today, the need to unify the profession, become involved with professional of local/state organizations."
  • "The knowledge that I have gained throughout this program, especially in leadership, has changed the way I manage and lead. I am more cognizant of my physical presentation, mannerisms, and tone when I speak. I listen to what people have to say and really think about what they are saying and clarify what they are really saying – utilizing critical thinking skills. As a leader, it is my responsibility to lead effectively, efficiently, and to lead according to my Leadership Philosophy – which is a living document that requires constant nurturing so that I can be the best leader. The Master’s program has taught me that each person is unique with their own values, learning style, and persona. Individualism should be respected and encouraged – with no judgment – but with acceptance."
  • "Without a doubt the program has helped me practice nursing with emphasis on different aspects of patient care. I was able to examine the evidence-based practice and research. I am now able to easily incorporate that knowledge into my everyday practice."
  • "Knowledge is power, furthering your education opens so many more additional doors. Graduate education gave me a wider view of health care, increased my appreciation for what we do and taught me a new way of thinking."
  • "Overall this program has been a great learning experience and would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my colleagues. The faculty is outstanding and extremely caring."
  • "I have a greater appreciation for the importance of research and evidence-based practice centered on a holistic approach to my clinical practice."
  • "If I have a question regarding a practice, I feel confident in going to the literature to find the right answer. Also the class had provided me with a network of nurses from various disciplines that I know that I can consult as needed."
  • "I have a much more global view of the nursing world than when I began the program. I have been able to critically examine my own practices and beliefs with an attuned vision that I did not possess prior to the program."
  • "I do not think as I did when I first entered the program. I am able to look at a problem and use the tools that were given to me in the program to do problem solving."
  • "I learned and polished everything I know in this program. I was always strong in my spiritual awareness yet I strengthened my caring and research based knowledge at RWC."