Dr. Paul Berry
Professor of Music
location: - Cox Hall
phone: (585) 594.6372

Courses Taught

CMC 351    Criticism in Contemporary Culture

FNA 101H   Fine Arts Symposium (Honors)

GED 100H   First Year Seminar  (Honors)

GED 401      Senior Capstone Seminar


Ph.D. in Higher Education (Curriculum and Aesthetics), State University of New York at Buffalo

M.M. in Music History, Miami University

B.M.Ed. in Music Education, Simpson College


I really enjoyed deciding what to be when I grew up. I have been a steel-worker, a librarian, a corporal in the Army, a singer/dancer, a church musician, a professor--it goes on!

Community involvements include: Bible study groups; Boards of Directors of Community Performance Ensembles; church planning groups; performer of liturgical music; performer of Baroque music in authentic style. I enjoy trying to keep up in my fields of interest and with my son's life-journey. I try hard to be a good husband.

I love music. I am fascinated by its range and variety, by our need to understand its relationship with human experience in general [other ways of representing things--art, history, philosophy, religion], and by our need to find meaning through interpretations of increasing clarity and depth.

I enjoy studying music with students in community with professional musician/teachers. I am committed to improvement in articulate and insightfull communication about music and about our own senses, minds and gifts.

I am awed by the mysterious connections among the processes and values involved in making music, artistic representation, and the nature of the Creator