Study Abroad

Spend a Semester in Spain

Roberts Wesleyan offers its own cooperative program where students may spend a semester or summer studying Spanish with all credits transferred back to RWC, most toward the major. This offers an excellent opportunity to gain a valuable cross-cultural experience as well as to gain a deeper awareness of Spanish language and customs.


• Classes offered in Spring Semester (January – May)

• Credits earned - 19 total credits in Spanish (15 toward Spanish major or minor and 4 elective)

• Total immersion at all levels

• Homestay accommodations (living with Spanish families)


• Spanish Language and Advanced Grammar (3 credits)

• Spanish Conversation and Spanish Culture (3 credits)

• Spanish Writing and Analysis (3 credits)

• History of Spain and Latin America (3 credits)

• Spanish and Latin America Literature (3 credits)

• Spain Today: Society and Politics (2 credits)

• Spanish Art (2 credits)


Questions? Contact Dr. Maria Villodre at