Composition Courses

Composition courses offer students the opportunity to develop and refine the writing skills needed to be successful in college.   Each of us has the potential to become a stronger, more effective writer.  Professors guide students through this process by helping students develop critical reading and writing skills, as well as by offering assignments that require students to reflect, analyze, evaluate, and persuade.  In addition, competence in the use of proper grammar and punctuation is fostered.

The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course. An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.

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CMP 101 - Principles of Writing [Lecture] (3.0)

This course focuses on the process of composition, from prewriting through editing. Emphasis is placed on writing skills needed for academic success. Students may be asked to draw upon assigned readings, research materials, class discussion, and personal experience as they develop college-level non-fiction prose. (A minimum grade of C- is required.) Prerequisite: satisfactory entrance scores, as determined by College personnel. Students are expected to complete this course within the first two semesters of matriculation.

CMP 102 - Writing and Research [Lecture] (3.0)

Writing and Research is designed to help students build on writing competencies acquired in Principles of Writing (CMP 101). Emphasis is on the continued development of writing and critical thinking skills through assigned readings, classroom discussion, and writing assignments. The course culminates in the writing of a formal research paper. Prerequisite: CMP 101 or its equivalent.

CMP 103H - Honors Writing and Research [Honors Option] (3.0)

This course emphasizes writing in the context of critical inquiry, giving special attention to skills appropriate across academic disciplines (e.g., summary, critique, synthesis). Readings, class discussion, and writing assignments focus on writing both as a means of learning and as an agency of sound argument. The course culminates in a formal research paper. Successful completion of the course meets the College's two-semester writing requirement; students entering without college credit for a writing course take an additional liberal arts elective. Prerequisite: admission to the Honors Program.

CMP 210 - Business Communication [Lecture] (3.0)

This course focuses on the understanding of communication processes needed for effective oral and written communication in a business setting. Emphasis is on application of basic principles and development of skills and attitudes appropriate to business communication. (Offered on demand)

CMP 320 - Creative Writing [Lecture] (3.0)

This course introduces elements of characterization, point of view, setting, style, and theme in relation to prose and/or poetry. Students write, revise, edit, and critique work produced throughout the semester. Prerequisite: CMP 101 or its equivalent. Open to juniors and seniors only.

CMP 321 - Journalism [Lecture] (3.0)

This course presents beginning reporters' techniques of basic news writing, a study of journalists in action (interviews, profiles, on-the-beat reports, obituaries, feature stories, etc.), and elementary editing. Also listed as CMC 321. Prerequisites: CMC 101, CMP 101 and 102. Open only to juniors and seniors.

CMP 341 - The Composing Process [Lecture] (3.0)

In this advanced writing course, students identify and learn to use wisely their own composing processes. Students write extensively throughout the semester (critiques, meta-cognitive pieces, text analysis, and original work). They are also introduced to recent research on the writing process and its implications for writers and readers. Finally, the course includes advanced grammar instruction designed to lead to mastery. Prerequisite: CMP 101 or its equivalent. Open to juniors and seniors only.

CMP 495 - Independent Study [Independent Study] (3.0)

Independent study provides opportunity to pursue advanced or special-interest topics not covered in the curriculum. Prerequisites: 1. Junior standing. 2. A minimum of 9 semester hours in the discipline of the Independent Study. 3. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the discipline. 4. Proof of motivation and ability to work independently. 5. Approval of the department in which the study is to be taken. 6. Permission from the student's advisor, the course instructor, the Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.