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The Criminal Justice Major requires 65-67 semester hours, including 41-43 major core hours and 24 support core hours.

Major core courses

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ 101)
Judicial Systems (CRJ 201)
Fundamentals of Law Enforcement (CRJ 203)
Criminal Law & Processing (CRJ 205)
Crime Victims and the Criminal Justice System (CRJ 301)
Criminology (CRJ 302)
Research Methods (CRJ 304)
Correctional Services (CRJ 305)
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (CRJ 307)
Juvenile Delinquency (CRJ 312)
Ethical Practices in the Criminal Justice System (CRJ 401)
Integrative Seminar (CRJ 410)
Internship (CRJ 450)

Support core courses

Introduction to Computers & Applications (CSC 101)

Computer Applications: Database (CSC 104)

Drugs, HIV, and the Family (SOC 206)

American Studies: Constitutional History(PSC 203) or Principles of Political Science (PSC 301) or American Government (PSC 302)

Modern Social Problems (SOC 102)

Ethnic & Social Diversity (SOC 205)

Counseling Theory and Practice(PSY 308)

Abnormal Psychology (PSY 402)

Argumentation & Debate (CMC 207) or Principles of Persuasion & Criticism (CMC 302) or Cross Cultural Communication (CMC 206) or Organizational Communication & Leadership (CMC 405)

Each student is strongly encouraged to consider the inclusion of an emphasis/track or a minor in the program of study. This should be selected in consultation with the faculty advisor and consideration given to specific professional aspirations, broad career preparation, and the unique academic interests of the student. An emphasis requires 12 semester hours, while the requirements of the minors vary between 18 and 21 semester hours. Established emphasis tracks include Juvenile Justice and Comparative Criminal Justice.