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What can I do with a degree in engineering?

  • Work in industry - in nearly any field of engineering Teach engineering Work for government agencies, such as the department of defense, NASA or the CIA

Why choose engineering at Roberts Wesleyan?

  • Cost
  • Liberal Arts Education   
  • Strong Science Background   
  • Dual-Degree   
  • Competitive Education
  • Cross-Registration Opportunities   
  • Flexible Education   
  • Small Class Sizes   
  • Culture   
  • Collegiate Sports   
  • Christian Education

What are some interesting courses I might take?

  • Introduction to Engineering - a course where you get a feel for the various fields of engineering and choose which one is right for you.
  • Statics - In this course you learn about bridges, trusses and how structures stand.   
  • Circuits - We all remember Ohm's Law (V=IR).  Here you get to learn the quick tools to understanding the behavior of any circuit in just minutes, even complicated ones.

What are RWC graduates doing now?

  • Engineering Consulting Firm doing finite element analysis for nuclear power plant components   
  • Working at as technician at the Rochester Imagining Detector Laboratory working on fabricating a Low-Noise Detector for NASA   
  • Employed by The Ovonic Fuel Cell Company working on integrating alkaline hydrogen fuel cell stacks with the necessary auxiliary components into a cost competitive system   
  • Energy Engineer at the United Illuminating Company