Meet Our Students

Ryan Brask, physics, pre-engineering

Ryan Share a bit about your personal testimony of faith.
I grew up in a Christian household, but it wasn’t until just before I came here to Roberts that I recommitted myself to the Lord. It was at a church camp meeting over the summer, and there was an altar call and I just felt the spirit of the Lord pulling me in to recommit myself to Him.

How has Roberts (or the division) strengthened your faith journey?
        Roberts has given me opportunities to serve and interact with other Christians from different backgrounds. As a result, I’ve broadened my worldview. I’ve also gotten the chance to serve in a variety of ministries such as drama, teaching, and street ministry.

What are the pros for attending Roberts, especially as a math or science major?
        Attending Roberts as a science major allows for the opportunity to see how faith and science interact with one another. There are a number of controversial issues between the two, and it is very helpful to look at how they can coexist.

What is your major and what are looking to do in the future?
        I am enrolled in the 3-2 engineering program here at Roberts. I’ll be finishing my third year here at Roberts, and next year I begin my two years at RPI to work on my biomedical engineering degree. By the time I graduate in 2012, I’ll have a physics degree from Roberts and an engineering degree from RPI.

What are the top 3 things you like best about the division?
        My favorite thing has got to be the faculty just because they’re all so awesome. The second has got to be the Faith and Science Luncheons. I mean, come on, free food and we get to talk about science and faith? That’s a pretty good deal! Third, I’d have to say the various events the Math and Science Club puts together like bowling or marching in the Homecoming parade.

How have you benefited from the faculty in the division?
        The faculty has been like a family to me. They’ve been willing to answer all my questions. It’s been a real joy working with them both as a student and TA.

Summarize your time here at Roberts in 2-3 sentences.
        Some of my best memories were made here. The people are absolutely amazing and the faculty have been so friendly and helpful.


Kelly Anderson, physics ‘13

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson will be working with Associate Professor of Physics Candice Fazar at the University of Rochester this summer doing development research on 10 micron HgCdTe detector arrays for space-based astronomy. Kelly and Dr. Fazar will be analyzing dark current versus reverse bias curves in order to ascertain the limiting current and noise source in new long wave infrared detector arrays to arrive from Teledyne in June. Such information will allow the University of Rochester group to work with Teledyne to further improve the sensitivity of future detector arrays. These detectors are being developed for NASA JPL's NEOCam project, which will have the capability of detecting asteroids that are of significant size to be a threat to Earth.

Amanda Dobi, mathematics, pursuing a degree as an actuary

Amanda_DobiI personally love the fact that Roberts is a smaller school;
it means lots of one-on-one attention from professors. You also get to know the other students in the department very quickly and they become some of your closest friends.  The professors truly care about you as a person, not just as a student in one of their classes. They are very willing to help you and answer questions.  My advisor, Karen Scheske has been wonderful with talking me through scheduling, other issues I have had, and planning out the rest of my time here at Roberts.

To prospective students I would say that there are good things and bad things about all colleges, and Roberts is no exception.  What makes Roberts different is that the bad isn't horrible, and the good is great; the good makes
you want to stick around through the bad.