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Major Requirements

Computer Science, B.S.

[Computer Science—0701]

Computer Science focuses on blending the current computer skills required in the constantly changing workplace with the mathematical and scientific foundation needed to integrate that technology within a wide range of disciplines.


Minimum Total Hours:  124

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required:  60

General Education Requirements: Per General Education list (see General Education Division). Exceptions: the history, economics, or social sciences elective and mathematics proficiency requirements are met through the major; the behavioral science and lab science requirements may be met through the major depending on electives selected.

Minimum Requirements: Overall and major GPA of 2.0; no grade less than C- in the major.

Transfer Requirements:  See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major:  Standard institutional major application should be submitted at the end of the sophomore year.  A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required for acceptance to the major.  Major acceptance is required for some upper-level courses including CSC 450.

Major Requirements:  65 hours.

  • Computer science core: CSC 140, 145, 198, 245, 250, 311, 345, and 398;
  • Nine semester hours of computer science electives at the 300- or 400-level;
  • Internship or Senior Project: CSC 450 or CSC 498 – No more than 6 hours combined;
  • Statistics: MTH 200 or 303;
  • Mathematics: MTH 270, 281, 282, and 305;
  • Communication course: CMC 200-level or above and advisor approval;
  • Economics: ECN 200;
  • Nine semester hours of elective courses are to be chosen from among the following and from no more than two departments:
    • Mathematics: MTH 283, 302, 404;
    • Physics: PHY 101 or 201, 102 or 202, 203;
    • Chemistry: CHM 111 with lab, 112 with lab;
    • Biology: BIO 101 with lab, 102 with lab;
    • Business: BUA 101, MGT 201, PSY 260.