Meet Our Students

Ashley Smith, Biochemsitry

Ashley_SmithI was brought up in a Catholic household where kindness, love, and humility were emphasized. Faith was always a part of my life, but I never really had a strong relationship with God until
my sophomore year at Roberts. I became overwhelmed with all the lovely and
wonderful things that he had provided me in this life and realized that I needed to push away all uncertainty and allow him to work through me. Roberts has opened my eyes and heart to God and I am forever grateful for that strengthened bond.

The Science department at Roberts is beyond fantastic. Every single
science professor is extremely friendly, approachable, and so willing to help
in any situation you may bring their way. They are truly passionate and excited
about what they are teaching, and it very much shows on a daily basis. The Math
& Science Club offers many opportunities to connect with your professors and fellow science-lovers including Adopt-a-School, Homecoming week competitions, and other great activities both on and off campus.

With my Biochemistry degree, I am hoping to attend medical school. I am confident
that Roberts has provided me with enough knowledge and insight to make such
dream a beautiful reality!

Prospective students: Roberts is a truly amazing place with the most incredible, close-knit science department. You most definitely want to at least come visit and experience this
nerdy family for yourself!

Samia Ayew, Biology

Samia_AyewI became truly born again at the age of fourteen. It has been an endless journey of emotional and spiritual growth since then. I believe as part of my personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth process, God opened the door for me to attend Roberts. My faith has been strengthened throughout my stay at Roberts. It spurs from the amazing relationships I have encountered both with the students and faculty on campus as well as the community gatherings such as chapel and the faith division luncheons. More so, as a biology major, seeing how my science professors richly combine their faith in God with the scientific world view has been inspiring. I enjoy the fact that both the faculty and the students can intimately share their prayer requests, while maintaining such professionalism. I would like to attend medical school with my biology degree and I believe my education here at Roberts is providing me, not only with the intellectual tools to achieve this dream, but also with the moral qualities I need to uphold the dream once it has been achieved.

The top three things I like best about the department are 1) the warm smile on Dr. Kovach’s face when I walk into the Smith Science building early in the morning for my chemistry class. 2) The caring and friendly faculty 3) The faith division luncheons and potlocks held during finals week every semester (the meals are home cooked by the faculty and are absolutely delicious!).

I would suggest to a prospective student that if they desire intellectual growth alongside spiritual growth, then the departments of math and science at Roberts is a wonderful place for them to experience both!

Thomas Hughes, Chemistry


Share a bit about your personal testimony of faith.

I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was young, around 6 or 7 years old. I attended public school and didn’t pursue my spiritual walk with Christ as much as I wanted to during those years. As high school graduation drew near I felt a desire to grow spiritually. I thought Roberts would help me to do that while obtaining a quality education.

How has your faith been strengthened while at Roberts?

Roberts’ provides an environment that allows you to grow spiritually if you put in the effort. I attend chapels, a Pearce church service, and a few Bible studies each week. Between all of these events I am constantly encouraged to challenge, question, and further pursue my walk with Christ.

What are the pros for attending Roberts, especially as a math or science major?

The small class sizes allow for one-on-one time with the professor, you get to ask them questions. For chemistry the laboratory work is hands-on, even for the lower-level chemistry courses. Also, the other undergraduate math and science students are generally friendly, encouraging, and helpful. The math and science club does a great job of planning and preparing fun-filled events for math and science majors to attend throughout the year!

What is your major and what are looking to do in the future?

My major is chemistry and I plan on going to graduate school for chemical engineering. I’m not entirely sure of where I want to go in the field, hopefully I will intern at some places in order to get a better idea of which area in the field interests me most.

What are the top 3 things you like best about the department?

  1. The professors, they are unique and attempt to make class enjoyable.
  2. The math and science club trips, such as going to a professor’s house or Black Creek park.
  3. The faith and science luncheons—the professors are amazing cooks!

How have you benefited from the faculty in the department?

They have done a good job of teaching me the material I need to know. Also, they have always been receptive and responsive to any questions I may have asked them.

What would you say or suggest to a prospective student?

If you want to go to a small school with a beautiful campus, enjoyable and knowledgeable professors, and be able to grow in your walk with God then Roberts is the college for you.

Amber Frisbie, Biology and concentrations in Spanish and Psychology


I was raised in a Christian family were I was always taught to love God, and He was the answer to my problems. However this became harder for me to simply believe as I got older. I have experienced many events in my life that have made me question what my family taught me growing up about God always solving my problems if I trusted Him. However, I have come to find that it is in fact true, it just isn't as easy as it once was when I was little. One of the biggest challenges I faced was choosing a college. I had my heart set on a college other than Roberts, I fought God for a long time even after choosing to come to Roberts. I knew in my heart that I was in the place God wanted me to be, but I didn't want to admit that God was right. This is where God changed my life! He has put people in my life while being here at Roberts that have strengthened me and shown me that I can achieve anything with God's help.

How has your faith been strengthened while at Roberts?

Looking back on how much God has changed my life since freshman year, I am astonished! I never imagined I would still be at Roberts after my first semester, and now as I approach graduation, I wouldn't want any other college name on my diploma. This is the college that God always had planned for me, and He proved that to me in so many ways through my years here. I have truly learned what it means to own your faith as your own while being here at Roberts.

What are the pros for attending Roberts, especially as a math or science major?

The biggest benefit of being a science major at Roberts is the class sizes. Since we are a small school the class sizes tend to be very small especially in upper level courses. Therefore, it becomes easier to get to know the professors and to build a relationship with them on a more personal level. Therefore, the professors are more available to answer questions and help the students understand the material better.

What is your major and what are looking to do in the future?

I am a cross-disciplinary major with a minor in Biology and concentrations in Spanish and Psychology. I plan on going to physician's assistant school in the future.

What are the top 3 things you like best about the department?

  1. We have a really awesome Math and Science Club that plans events very month to integrate the department and get the student involved in social activities
  2. Adopt-a- School: Students can volunteer to go into an inner city 4th grade class room once a month to teach a hands on science lesson to help the 4th graders prepare for their state exam.
  3. Integration of the faculty. The faculty in the Math and Science departments are extremely involved in all the activities and are always willing to participate in whatever ridiculous things the students come up with. The department would not be as much fun without their participation!

How have you benefited from the faculty in the department?

Not only do the faculty care about the students academically, but they also care about the students personally. Every faculty member in the math and science department strives to help see each student achieve the fullest potential. Personally, the faculty members have shown great care for me. I have gotten to know many faculty members personally and have benefited from their prayers in time of need and illness. The faculty in the department are some of the most caring and understanding people I have ever met. They are another reason that I know Roberts was the school God wanted me at. I can't imagine any other school having such kind and caring professors that truly care for their students and genuinely want to get to know them personally and see them exceed academically.

What would you say or suggest to a prospective student?

Don't be afraid to trust God, He knows the best plan for your life, and it will amaze you! If that plan is to come to Roberts, than you will have the time of your life! God works in amazing ways here at Roberts! There are many people from many different backgrounds here and there is a place for everyone. If you want a school where God will use you, and speak to you....than this is the place for you!