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Health Information Technology - Courses


Course Credits Weeks
MHI 500 Health Care Informatics 3 5
MHI 515 Health Care Data and Document Management 3 5
MHI 525 Health Care IT Standards 3 5
MHI 545 Health Care Systems Analysis & Design 3 5
  12 20*

*Program length is approximately 5 months to complete including semester breaks and holidays


MHI 500 - Health Care Informatics (3 credits)

This course introduces all of the fundamental elements of informatics; health information systems, health records systems, and information technology.  The clinical and administrative information needs and use of computer tools of a health care organization are covered.  Students will study the interrelationships between administrative data and clinical systems.  Students will study the differences between and Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and a Personal Health Record (PHR).  The course also covers the role and function of Health Information Exchanges (HIE) such as a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO).

MHI 515 - Health Care Data and Document Management (3 credits)

This course provides an in-depth view of typical health care IT systems, data and document management and information challenges facing health care knowledge workers.  Implementation of electronic content management systems and interoperable electronic health records are explored. Students will also study data models, data conversion, data warehousing, data mining and mechanisms for data sharing and transfer.

MHI 525 - Health Care IT Standards (3 credits)

This course covers key standards in Health Informatics Systems. The course explores specific health care IT standards and reviews the benefits that the adoption of standards brings toward the successful health care transformation. The course will review legacy standards and terminologies, ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOMED, HL7, X12, DICOM, NCPDP, HITSP, HIPAA, NIST, XDS, XDS-I, etc..  The role of non-medical standards in medical informatics will also be studied.

MHI 545 - Health Care Systems Analysis & Design (3 credits)

This course focuses on the critical role of health information systems and technology planning, operation, and management in health care organizations. Topics addressed include the analysis, design, selection, implementation, operation, and evaluation of health information technology and systems in a variety of settings such as health systems, hospitals, and medical practices. This course also reviews tactics and tools for constructing a health care information technology strategy and plan.