Organizational Management

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Here are just a few of the things that make the Organizational Management campus program distinctives:

  • 15 months to completion
  • Classes meet asynchronously online (no weekly meetings)
  • Cohort based (provides support and a professional network)
  • NO admissions tests required (No SAT’s or ACT’s)
  • NO tests - grades based on papers, presentation and projects
  • Full-time status for purposes of financial aid
  • Credit for prior learning and professional experience (PLA)
  • Degree completion means - most old credits will transfer as long as they are a “c” or better
  • Off campus locations
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Focus on contemporary issues
  • Adult-oriented delivery – teaching methods focused on adult learning andragogy
  • Applied learning – course work can be applied immediately to work
  • Professionally accredited by IACBE
  • Potential induction into Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society (ASL)
  • Accredited by IACBE

Roberts Wesleyan College's Organizational Management program participates as a member and supporter of the following organization(s):