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Health Administration - Community Leadership Projects

The capstone experience in our Master's in Health Administration program is a student-lead consultation project with a health care organization. Students work in small groups or teams as consultants to help solve a current issue at the organization of their choice. Once the problem statement and the scope of the project have been approved and defined, students conduct research. Once the research has been completed, a formal recommendation is developed and presented to the leadership of the health care organization.

The goal of the project is for students to demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge gained, while also impacting a health care organization and the community it serves.

As part of our "servant-leadership" model, this project enables our students to give back to their communities and help health care organizations overcome challenges. 

project highlights over the years

University of Rochester: Physician Compensation Plan- August 2008 - Deb Carlascio, Evelyn Stelmach, Alana Stefaniak, Anitra Daymon.


The students of the Master of Health Administration at Roberts Wesleyan were asked to evaluate and develop a proposal for a faculty incentive program for our division. We indicated that we were looking for a plan that would be simple to monitor and one which could incorporate the varied priorities of an academic related practice. The students performed extensive research surrounding the University, faculty, culture, and needs of our division as well as looking at existing incentive programs linked to academic medical groups. As a result of their hard work, we have a plan which addresses productivity, citizenship, research/teaching, and longevity. This plan has the flexibility to be implemented immediately as well as allow us to tailor the specific measurements to our needs today and modify this easily as things change. The students made suggestions for future efficiencies and incorporation of physician extenders and how they would work into the faculty incentive plan. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the project/s at hand. We wish you all the very best in your future success.

Dawn L. Lamendola, MS
University of Rochester
Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology


Wyoming County Community Hospital: Medical Fitness Center Project- August 2008 - Terry Russell, Steven Russell, Angela Rose.

CLP_Pic2The MHA students presented a feasibility study for a medical fitness facility in Wyoming County sponsored by our health care system. The report was very well researched and documented and included trends in health care, various rehab center scenarios, and a full business plan for transitioning an outpatient PT/OT department into a medical fitness facility that encompasses the community and the future needs of its constituents. The presentation and project will be forwarded to our Board of Managers for consideration with our Capital renovations. I was personally inspired and professionally energized through my encounters with the team. Thank you for the opportunity to see the end result of an arduous graduate health care program. Roberts truly excels in student preparation.

Laurie Reger, PT, MHSA
Director of Physician Services
Wyoming County Community Hospital


Crestwood Children’s Center: Ancillary Service Analysis – May 2008 – Sally Siegl, Nancy Fella, Patti Hirsh, Elaine Frederick.

CLP_Pic3We were pleased to see that the work of the Roberts' students confirmed the wisdom of a difficult and painful decision we made earlier in the year to close a program. We also appreciate the creative suggestions the group had for opportunities we might leverage to further Crestwood's mission. This was a comprehensive examination of a critical issue for Crestwood and we appreciate the efforts of the students in undertaking the assignment.

Barbara Conradt
Crestwood CEO


The Arc of Orleans County: Service Line, Demographics, and Facilities Study – May 2008 –Nancy Kowalewski, Pam Rademacher, Donna VanHousen, Colleen Verstraete, Karen Jones, Agnes Moore, Kurt Koczent, Gary Smith.

CLP_Pic4The work that the MHA students did for The Arc of Orleans County was incredibly valuable. The students conducted a full scale marketing / demographics and facilities study for the Agency, saving us thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of work. The information that was presented was very clear, concise, and well supported by documented research. The written report, along with their presentation, allowed our Board of Directors and management team the opportunity to fully digest the information presented and ask questions. All of the students were extremely well spoken and prepared. The diversity of their health care backgrounds was impressive. The results of the work done by the MHA students has provided us with a footprint for strategic planning and development well into the future. We are grateful to the students and to Roberts Wesleyan College for this outstanding opportunity.

Kellie Spychalski
Assistant Executive Director
The Arc of Orleans County


Wesley Gardens: Bed Decertification Analysis – May 2008 – Linda Moore, Dureen Wilson, Janet Remizowski, Brian Napoleon.

The group was given the multiple variables of occupancy, payor mix, client profiles, and current New York State grant availability among other lesser contributing variables. They were able to formulate four potential scenarios that will assist the home's Board of Directors in upcoming strategic planning discussions. The students were not encumbered with internal or external paradigms and proposed workable solutions, with unjaded opinions, based upon sound assumptions. The home did not have the internal time available to devote to such an exhaustive analysis and was very pleased with the final product presented.

Robert W. Jones III
President and CEO
Wesley Gardens


Carestream Health: Foreign Market Analysis – August 2007 – Gloria Berent, Ed Doyle, Jens Ingemann-Jensen, Charlene Ludlow, Kristin Opett, Kellie Spychalski.

CLP_Pic6"The students in the Masters of Health Administration program at Roberts Wesleyan College participated in a market research project at Carestream Health, Inc. This student-faculty team comprised of local physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals worked closely with the Health Care Information System team directed by Karen Mesolella, Worldwide Segment Manager for Outpatient Radiology Solutions & Small Community Hospital. The team conducted an international market analysis and provided strategic insights to a new advanced system for diagnostic imaging centers. Carestream Health looks to leverage the global best practices across all its healthcare solutions and the College is an excellent resource. Looking forward to future projects!"

Steven Russell
Manager of Worldwide Marketing Intelligence
Health Care Information Systems
Carestream Health, Inc.

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