Certified Management Accountant (Exam Prep-Courses)

Certified Managment accountant

*exam prep-courses

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Number of Credit Hours:
6 cr/hrs  (4 courses / 20 weeks)

Cost Per Credit Hour:
$402 pr/cr/hr

Certificate Cost:

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA)© review courses prepare professionals for both Part I & II of the National CMA© Exam. CMA© is the advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the advanced accounting and financial management skills used in business today. While the primary focus of these courses is to prepare individuals for the CMA© exam, the courses also provide an excellent professional development opportunity in accounting, finance, or business management. Individuals completing these prep courses do not receive a CMA© Certificate or credentials upon completion.

Review all the requirements to become a CMA© at:

OPEN TESTING: CMA© open test windows for the exam are: January - February; May - June and September - October.

PRICING: Each CMA© prep-course is 1.5 credit hours and billed at $603.00 per course ($402 per credit hour).

NOTE: Students taking the CMA© prep-courses are not eligible for Financial Aid (loans or grants).


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