The End of the 2011-2012 Academic Year

The end of the academic year is as important to our non-traditional students as it is to our traditional students.  Our students have been working hard to complete degree requirements in time for degree conferral at the end of May, and for those who have finished the work in their major, the Commencement program is an important milestone.  On May 5th, 23 students from the MS in Health Administration program, 15 students from the BS in Health Administration program, and 28 students from the Organizational Management program all participated in Commencement along with over 200 traditional and non-traditional students.  The weather was beautiful, and smiles were everywhere!  A special congratulation goes out to all of our 2012 graduates.  After the ceremony, 125 people attended the reception for the graduates from our division.  It is always a special treat for the faculty and staff to meet the friends and families of our students.


Another important event each academic year is the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  On April 27, 2012, the Division of Adult Professional Studies at Roberts Wesleyan College held their fourth induction and welcomed 14 new members into the Tau Lambda chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda.  Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) “is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and recognizes high scholastic achievement in an adult student's career”, and all of our inductees demonstrate these qualities to the utmost degree.  ASL gives us the opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of our undergraduate students and honors the hard work they have put forth in order to not only earn a bachelor’s degree, but to excel while doing so

The inductees, along with their families, faculty, and staff, celebrated this accomplishment with a reception in their honor.  Each student was presented with a certificate, honor pin and graduation cords by faculty members from the division.  RWC faculty and staff were delighted to be able to honor our hardworking students and are proud of all they have accomplished.  The following students were inducted:  Todd Baxter OM 158, Frank Ceraci OM 158, Michael Morgante OM 159, Kijana Danzy OM 160, Stephen Schwartzmeier OM 160, Kathryn Smith OM 160 , Leonard Hall OM 160, Jolene Overhauser OM 160 , Yvonne Marshall OL 24,  Darrin Meszler OL 24,  Martha Steele OL 25, David Fisher OL 25, Kathleen Buell HA 3,  and John Stradley HA 3.  .  If you would like to learn more about Alpha Sigma Lambda, please visit their website:

Submitted by:

Joy Rebstein,
Academic Advisor
Department of Adult Professional Studies
Roberts Wesleyan College