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September 2010

News_Sept2010_Kurt_koczent(September 27, 2010) Congrats to Kurt Koczent of MHA 2. He is one of the honorees selected for the "...16th annual Rochester Business Journal Forty Under 40 awards, which recognize professionals under age 40 for service in their jobs and in the community." For a a list of all honorees and the article published on the RBJ's website (click here).


News_Sept2010_Mary_Ellen_Vollmer(September 22, 2010) OM 147 Graduate, Mary Ellen Vollmer, writes about her battle with Breast Cancer in the book:  Moments of Truth, Gifts of LoveWomen of Community and Spirit Journey Through Breast Cancer©. More about her story and the book below.

My name is Mary Ellen Vollmer and I am an OM 147 graduate. A lifelong goal was to earn a Bachelor's degree. Nine days before I was to graduate from Roberts, I received the dreaded call that I had two malignant tumors. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was both frightened and frozen at that moment. I never thought what I had learned over a 15 month period would set the pace for how I was to deal with this journey. I created a binder with dividers and stayed organized and focused. I took it everywhere, wrote notes and became a real advocate for myself. Through this journey I was privileged to have crossed paths with Eve Strella. She was writing a book of Breast Cancer Survivors in the Rochester area (see book press release below). Each woman was to write about her own story. I wrote mine and never thought it would be published. I guess I was wrong, my story was chosen and will be in her book. By far this has been the greatest honor to be a part of. I have met the most courageous and brave women who have become dear friends. Not a day goes by that I don't realize the impact this experience has had on my life. I hope you both laugh and cry when you read this book.  Thanks,  Mary Ellen

 News_Sept2010_MoTGoL A New Book
Coming Out in Late November 2010
Moments of Truth, Gifts of Love
Women of Community and Spirit Journey
Through Breast Cancer©
Endorsed by Robin Roberts, Co-Anchor of ABC's Good Morning America
"Moments of Truth, Gifts of Love" hits home for me. As a breast cancer survivor I know how authentic these stories are. It was the willingness of courageous, amazing women like this honestly sharing their experiences that helped me win my battle.

"The contributors to this book have families, homes and gardens.  They vacation, hike, climb mountains, dive in the ocean and run marathons.  They take enormous pride in their children and grandchildren.  Each contributor is a unique individual, but each also belongs to what may be regarded as a sisterhood of breast cancer patients – a sorority none ever sought to join.  No pledge was required for involuntary membership in this sorority.  The only initiation was a positive diagnosis of cancer; and, in less than a heartbeat, life was set reeling on edge or turned upside-down.  Dreams and aspirations for the future were instantly put on hold as the new reality replaced the patient’s former life with shadowy uncertainties. " From the Introduction of the above named book ©

What makes this book unique and a must read?

Nearly all of the contributors to this book are women from the Rochester area.  Many know each other as good friends.  They attend the same treatment centers and support groups together and have common bonds with oncologists and staff.  The emotions are real and very raw.  Their stories will make you laugh and cry.  Even though this book is locally written and published, it’s message will help breast cancer worries – patients, caregivers and loved ones – throughout the world cope with this disease. Eve Strella-Ribson - Book Organizer / Creator / Contributor  Phone & Fax 585-385-9699

(Sept. 22, 2010) OM Classes A Hit Across Generations!

Ten years ago Betty Taromino, at the age of fifty, completed her Bachelors Degree in the OM Online 2 class.  Trying to make her parents’ dream come true, she went back to college to complete her four year degree, which meant that all eight siblings had at least their BA degrees!  That is a pretty impressive record for a farm family. 

Right after high school, Betty completed her A.A.S. degree in Recreation Supervision at Monroe Community College.  She took a few additional courses through the years while working for Kraft Foods in Avon, NY.  With the last of her three children in high school, two foreign exchange students living at the house, and a very supportive husband, she went back to school.  Kraft was also very supportive during this time and paid for the tuition.  Her degree in Organizational Management has helped her progress through the ranks in Inventory Planning at Kraft.

News_Sept2010_TTF Now, 10 years later, her daughter Tammy Taromino Fisher is also attending Roberts and is in the OM Online 22 class for Organizational Management.  Tammy had one and one half years of college at MCC and SUNY Geneseo and then embarked on a journey with the US Air Force.  While in the service she was able to continue her education.  Between her service work and some CLEP testing, she obtained her associates degree. 

While Tammy has a good job with the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in Batavia, she is now working towards her BS online using the GI Bill.  One never knows when things may change or career opportunities may arise.  With potential mandated overtime, it would have been difficult for Tammy to participate in conventional classes.  Tammy should complete her BS in February 2011. 

The online classes certainly make a difference.  The ability to participate and manage college level work online combined with busy work and personal schedules made this higher learning possible.  Having professors understand that while college is certainly a priority in our lives, it is not the only priority we have to juggle, was a wonderful experience.  Thank you Roberts for providing this opportunity!

                                              Betty Taromino & Tammy Fisher


MHA 7 completed their program. Congratulations! Picture taken on 9/13/2010 at final dinner (Rick's Prime Rib).



MHA 7 Graduate Theresa Charlebois nominated for Distinguished Leadership Award - Congratulations!



MHA Faculty Dr. James Love nominated for Outstanding Faculty Award - Congratulations!