School Psychology - Overview

The School Psychology Program has FULL approval status from the National Association of School Psychologists.

The exciting world of School Psychology merges expertise in areas of education, assessment, child development, exceptionality, counseling, and consultation practices. Today, school psychologists are trained to evaluate programs and interventions which have the most impact on a child's academic and behavioral growth. As education continues to experience the pressure of numerous mandates, school psychologists remain central to leadership positions providing supportive environments for our most needy populations in education today.

The School Psychology Program is designed to prepare students for direct practice within public and private elementary, middle, and high schools. Direct practice includes diagnostic evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents, and parent and teacher consultation.

The Master of Science in School Psychology curriculum consists of 78 total graduate semester hours. After a two-year full-time sequence of study and the comprehensive examination, students will have completed 60 of the 78 hours. The remaining 18 semester hours consist of a full-year, 1200 hour school internship, under the supervision of a school psychologist.

Students will be awarded a master’s degree and may apply for provisional certification in New York State following the successful completion of their internship experience. In addition, students will be awarded the CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study). Students will be eligible for permanent certification in the State of New York following two years of full-time employment within the public education system. Currently the program requires two years of full-time study and an additional year in an internship position. In many cases, this internship will be a paid position.

This program is designed for full-time enrollment, which is highly desirable. Full-time enrollment better ensures the integrity of the learning process. While part-time enrollment will occasionally be considered, careful adherence to course sequencing and course prerequisites is essential. Preference will be given to full-time applicants.

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