Doctor of Occupational Therapy - Fieldwork

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Fieldwork Design

Fieldwork experiences begin in the first year and are integrated into the curriculum to allow you to connect theory with practice. Fieldwork is designed to give you experience in delivering occupational therapy services to clients, focusing on purposeful and meaningful occupation. The goal of Level II Fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level occupational therapy generalists. Fieldwork is completed in a variety of clinical and practice settings, providing exposure to a variety of clients and settings. Fieldwork is arranged and coordinated by the academic fieldwork coordinator according to accreditation requirements.

The following table depicts the Fieldwork sequence:

Year 1No FieldworkLevel I Fieldwork (Psychosocial)No Fieldwork
Year 2Level I Fieldwork (Adult/ Older Adult)Level I Fieldwork (Child/ Youth)Level II Fieldwork (full-time)
Year 3Level II Fieldwork (full-time)Capstone

Level I Fieldwork

Level I Fieldwork introduces you to the fieldwork experience, applying knowledge to practice and developing an understanding of the needs of clients. Level I Fieldwork occurs during the semester in which coursework complements the fieldwork experience and populations. As a student, you will engage in three Level I Fieldwork experiences.

Level II Fieldwork

Level II Fieldwork develops you to be a competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapist. Level II Fieldwork occurs after the successful completion of all core required coursework. During these experiences, you will take responsibility for the delivery of occupational therapy services to clients. As a student, you will engage in two 12-week, full-time Level II Fieldwork experiences.

Fieldwork Map

This map depicts the current status of the distribution of our Level II Fieldwork relationships. We currently have contracts or letters of intent with over 250 sites in 31 states. Settings include, but are not limited to, acute-inpatient, subacute/rehab, long-term residential, community, outpatient, home care, and schools. Please note fieldwork placements are subject to site availability in accordance with relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The availability of any particular fieldwork facility varies from semester to semester.