Initial Childhood and Special Education - Related Info

Why Roberts?

  • Roberts is the most affordable private college in Rochester.
  • Professional Certification programs are geared toward the working teacher. In one or two years of study, teachers can earn their Master of Education degree without sacrificing professional or personal duties.
  • Initial Certification programs are geared toward the college graduate who has a passion for teaching but not an education degree.
    • In four semesters of full-time study, 16 months, students can complete an Initial Childhood or Initial Adolescence program and graduate with a Masters of Education degree, as well as Special Education certification and recertification with a literacy concentration.
  • Enjoy an innovative collection of services unique to Roberts Wesleyan College.
    • A full-time Certification Coordinator who provides on-campus fingerprinting services and facilitates the certification process.
    • The Career Placement Office plays an active role in helping students locate teaching positions upon graduation through the annual Teacher Recuitment Day and other venues. It also offers assistance with resum√© and cover letters.
    • The Learning Center offers support for students including review sessions for state-required examinations at no cost to our students.
    • A mock interview program is hosted each year. Area school administrators come to campus to participate in this event and demystify the teacher candidate interview process; offering future teachers the opportunity to experience typical questions asked in an actual interview setting. All undergraduate and graduate students can participate in this event.
  • Students can enroll in all our programs full-time or part-time.

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