Roberts Circle

Faith in a brighter tomorrow.

It’s called the Roberts Circle, and it’s made up of people who give $1,000 or more each year to the Roberts Fund. Today, 300 men and women make up the Roberts Circle. But we need more alumni and friends of the College to participate—after all, the Roberts Circle is the heart of the Roberts Fund, making up 50% of Roberts Fund annual contributions. This group is the center of student scholarships, and the people who give are the heart of making a Roberts’ education possible for the next generation.

To become a Roberts Circle partner, we ask that you:

  • Give a gift of $1,000 or more each year to the Roberts Fund, and
  • Pray regularly for the College, its students, faculty and staff

That’s all. But, really, that’s everything.

The College will host Roberts Circle events throughout the year to bring our partners together to meet one another. In the meantime, we’ll keep you informed year round of Roberts Circle news directly from our President. Roberts Circle partners are valuable members of our community as your generous gifts make an extraordinary difference in the lives of students at Roberts Wesleyan College.

From the inner circle...

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“It is a joy for us to give to the Roberts Circle for scholarships that help those who are eager to learn and willing to work towards their goals in a Christian environment. A Roberts education will transform not only the hopes and plans of the recipients, but also their families, future spouses and children. This transformation will impact our community and down to the next generation. As stewards of God’s resources, we see a glorious return on our investment!”

– Norman and Arlene Leenhouts, Roberts Circle members


If you want to be a Roberts Circle member, contact us today at (585) 594-6500 or e-mail!