School of Business

Servant Leadership Scholarship


The school of Business at Roberts Wesleyan College is committed to transforming the mind and building character within each student. We strive to prepare our students for a life of servant leadership, positively impacting the organizations and communities where they serve. These are exciting times in the School of Business:

  • We now offer undergraduate degrees in accounting, business administration, international business, management and social entrepreneurship, and marketing
  • We are developing new degrees in sports management and marketing.
  • The Roberts Enactus (formerly SIFE) team continues to be nationally ranked and recognized, under the capable leadership of Professor Carrie Starr, who was recently named the top Enactus Advisor in the nation.

“I loved the business program at Roberts Wesleyan College because of the Godly principles that were woven into every class! The professors really took the time to engage you personally and created the ideal learning atmosphere. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible gift of scholarship given to me... without scholarship, I would never have had the opportunity to be a part of the Roberts business community.”- Bekah Carter, Class of 2014

The impact Bekah is making on the world would not have been possible without scholarship money. In order to continue developing  Roberts students, we are asking you, as alumni, to consider giving to the School of Business Servant Leadership Scholarship today!


Graduate Programs

Graduate Business Programs at Roberts Wesleyan are targeted to uniquely meet the challenges faced by professionals as they integrate their educational and career goals with their commitments to family, profession, and community. Currently these are exciting times in the School of Business.

Masters in Strategic Leadership

The Masters in Strategic Leadership program’s goal is to build and inspire effective teams and communities as a visionary leader. Students benefit from the expertise of attentive faculty committed to state-of-the-art practices, contemporary curriculum and student success. Currently these are exciting times in the School of Business

  • Dr. Steve Bovee has been named the new Dean of the School of Business
  • We have gone from a department with 3 programs (Undergraduate Business, M.S. in Strategic Leadership, and an M.S. in Strategic Marketing) to a new school that added 3 more programs (a B.S. in Organizational Management, a B.S. in Health Administration, a M.S. in Health Administration and M.S. in Healthcare Informatics Administration) to our portfolio of offerings.

“As a collegiate soccer coach, I am using the knowledge and skills I learned in the Strategic Leadership program every day. The faculty and staff were extremely supportive and I enjoyed the diverse environment my classmates provided through different career, age, gender and ethnic backgrounds. As an international student, I would not have been able to afford my education without the assistance of scholarship money. I am very grateful for those who gave to the school in order to help me achieve my degree!”– Bobby McColl ‘11


Masters in Strategic Marketing

The Master's in Strategic Marketing (MSMK) integrates a strategic perspective, a strong theoretical foundation, ethical considerations, global focus, and current trends and topics. Professionals—or aspiring professionals—in marketing, advertising, and/or public relations can specialize an advanced business degree in Strategic Marketing by attending class on-site at Dixon Schwabl, a full-service advertising and public relations agency located in Victor, NY. Many exciting advances are happening within the program as well.

  • Our entire curriculum has now been transitioned to an online cohort landing page where students can access everything for their program in one place
  • MSMK client project has changed a bit with MSMK 8 and the students are now put into teams over the last 12 weeks to pull together the final marketing plan and presentation

“I am so grateful to Roberts Wesleyan College for awarding me a scholarship to the Masters in Strategic Marketing program. Without it, I would not have attained my degree. The information I learned in the program has been life changing and is helping me to transform my business. By supporting small business owners like me with scholarships, Roberts Wesleyan is doing its part grow our Rochester economy. I am proud to be a RWC graduate.”- Doug Gaudieri, President of Rapid Print & Marketing, Inc.


Masters in Health Administration

Clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals prepare to assume a leadership role through this innovative and contemporary blend of health administration and business course work that focuses on community-minded service leadership. The Masters in Health Administration program is committed to transforming the mind and building character within each student as well as preparing them for success as they enter the work place.  Our graduates are making a difference in the lives of individuals locally, nationally and globally. Some recent examples include:

  • Triciajean Jones (MHA 20) Received the LeadingAge New York Long Term Care Employee of Distinction Award for dedication and exemplary service in long term care.
  • Jeremiah Kirkland (MHA 4) – Appointed Division Administrator for Gastroenterology and Hepatology at UR Medicine.
  • Kristin Opett (MHA 1) – Appointed Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia, NY.
  • Minerva Padilla (BHA 3, MHA 20) – Honored at the 2015 Greater Rochester Awards for Career Achievement.

"The Master’s of Health Administration program at Roberts Wesleyan College provides its students with the tools they need to grow as professionals, leaders, and people. I am confident that its graduates will continue to be leaders and change agents upon the shifting landscape of the health care industry in the United States."-David Fagan, Senior Compensation Analyst Paychex, Inc. and MHA 2012 Graduate

Degree Completion Programs

Organizational Management

The Organizational Management (OM) program is designed to prepare current and aspiring professionals for a 21st-century management career across a wide variety of industries and sub-specialties in as few as 15 months. Students are able to immediately apply classroom principles to their workplace through a market-proven curriculum designed to give new insights into project management, strategic planning, and more. Some updates about the OM program include:

  • Responding to feedback from our graduates, we have added Project Management and Strategic Management to our 15 month OM program.
  • This spring, we are exploring opportunities to offer our students and graduates Career Management Workshops to update their resumes, use social media to their advantage, and effectively prepare for interviews. 

“In March of 2010, right before I was due to complete my program, I was downsized from I.T.T. Space Systems Division. I was going to be just short of completing the O.M. program requirements with no job, no company tuition aid and no income. When I announced that I had lost my job and company tuition aid, Penny Cannon and Mary Kay Scribner were able to help me complete the final required elective by offering to pay for the tuition through the Roberts Scholarship program. Without their support and generosity, I would have had to put my O.M. endeavor on hold. This truly shows the caring and devotion of the faculty and staff at Roberts to do whatever it takes to make sure the students are successful. I cannot say enough about the O.M. program and faculty” – Vlade Kordovich ‘10