School of Arts and Humanities

Student Funds


The School of Arts and Humanities consists of a number of talented students who are dedicated to their education in excellence. We are confident that these students will make a lasting impact on the world around us. But for many of them, this will not be possible without scholarship money. So we need your help! Choose to give and help students sitting in the very chair you once sat! 

The Music Fund

The Music Scholarship Fund enables students to further their study of music at Roberts. Providing scholarships to music students not only offers an affordable education, but it builds a relationship with a faculty member, it allows a student to experience being part of an ensemble and prepares them to go out and make a difference in the world. All of this would not be possible without support from alumni like you.

Consider giving more students the opportunity to experience the Music Department at Roberts Wesleyan College by giving to the Music Fund today.


The History Fund

The History Department believes that History is at the heart of a liberal arts education. The History major prepares men and women to be active and thoughtful participants in our complex and ever-changing world.

In order to continue developing Roberts students, we are asking you, as alumni, to consider giving to the History fund today


The Communication Fund

The Communication program provides students with a Christian Liberal Arts education to help our students grow into well-rounded individuals. We provide internships and concentrations so students can gain knowledge and experience in their chosen discipline.

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The Religion & Philosophy Fund

The Religion and Philosophy major is geared for students who want to develop their minds and hearts in a way that will prepare them for any career that requires intelligent, grounded, well-read people with the ability to communicate effectively. Many students pursue ministry careers after graduating, while others continue on to seminary or some other form of graduate school.

In order to continue developing Roberts students, we are asking you, as alumni, to consider giving to the Religion & Philosophy fund today!


The Visual Arts Fund

In the Visual Arts Program, students investigate the beauty and richness of God’s creation through intense studio exploration both in traditional technique and contemporary approach. Our curriculum prepares students for a variety of pursuits including studio art, work in commercial and professional disciplines, and graduate study.

Consider giving more students this same opportunity by giving to the Visual Arts Fund today!


The Language & Literature Fund

The Department of Language and Literature consists of students and faculty who are a community of learners that embrace the practice of studying famous literary works, becoming strong writers, learning foreign languages, and generally engaging with the world around us.