What is Phonathon and who are the people who run it?
Simply this: Students who care about future students.

The Phonathon program exists to raise awareness and support of the College among alumni, parents and friends each year. Our Student Callers act as ambassadors by personally calling members of our Roberts community about campus events, news, and opportunities to support Roberts financially. The support of our alumni, parents, and friends is needed to maintain the quality of our programs for future generations.

This year our goal is to raise $50,000 through the Phonathon program! You can expect to get a call from us from September through April. We hope you’ll take a moment to speak with one of our callers this year and help us reach our goal!


Kathryn Stewart, Nursing Major ’18

“I can speak on behalf of all the Phonathon student callers when I say that we love talking to our alumni and friends of the College! Working for the Phonathon program gives us the chance to meet and talk to people who share our love for Roberts. Each person has a unique and different story to tell…and we enjoy hearing them! Having the opportunity to gain knowledge insight from you, while exchanging fun stories and experiences, is truly a privilege.”

Sean Leduc, Business Management and Social Entrepreneurship Major ’18

Athlete: Golf

As an athlete at Roberts, I know firsthand that I would not be able to be at Roberts without scholarship money. I am extremely thankful that I get to be a part of helping raise scholarship funds for students like me. This experience has allowed me to hear some incredible stories and learn so much about our world through our alumni. I can’t wait to continue this journey this semester!

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