Honor Roll

Thank you for giving so faithfully! Whether it has been 2 years or over 34 years, your gifts truly make a difference in the lives of our students. 


Diana and Christopher Abbott

Eric and Laurel Adams

Christie Adams

Chloe Adrien

Steve and Linda Alcorn

Dave and Alberta Anderson

Xenon Antone

Jeff and Kim Arnold

Jennifer and Michael Aube

Dale and Zoe Austin


Lon and Nadine Bailey

Nancy Baker

Mike and Sue Bargmann

Howard and Cindy Sue Barnes

Dave Basinger and Linda Quinlan

Scott and Keri Bassett

Rod and Sharon Bassett

Debbie Bausch

Milton and Beverly Beck

Bill and Beth Bigham

Paula Bishop

Dave and Nancy Bogey

Becky and James Bonner

David and Adele Bovard

Jonathan and Janet Bratt

Doug and Sarah Brooks

Sandy and Hoyt Brown

Art and Sylvia Brown

Robert and Gail Bruckner

Genevieve and Bill Brunk

Peter and Mary Brusoe

Sam and Bill Brzoza

Della Bube

David and Sandra Buchin

Jim and Marian Burke

Rich and Kara Burke

Blandine and Freeman Burks

Brad and Eileen Button


Kathryn Cacic

Kathy and Arthur Campbell

Jean and Robert Campbell

Tom and Lisa Carter

Marvel Carter-Shaw

Brittany Catlin

Floyd and Sharon Chafee

Kevin and Kristen Chalmers

Brad and Heidi Chaney

Bob and Sandra Chapman

Erica and Salvatore Cieri

Sam Cira

Nathan and Bethany Claes

John and Berva Clark

Bob and Beverly Clark

Robert Clarke

Ruth and Frank Cleere

Jackie and Bob Clement

Myron and Laura Colber

Thomas and Laurie Cole

Marcey and Stephen Colopietro

Mark Concordia

James and Sharon Conley

Sally and Daniel Conrad

John and Charlotte Cooke

Eugene and Ida Cowsert

Alma Crews

Michelle Cronk

Nancy Cross

Dick and Carol Crossed

Bill and Rilla Crothers

Michael and Cheryl Crotser

Paul and Elaine Crowell

Sarah Culhane

Doug and Joyce Cullum

Grace Cummings


Janet Davies

Todd and Tracy Davis

Sharon and Keith Davis

Cynthia and Dennis Davis

Jerry and Shannon Davis

Bill and Cathy Dean

Larry and Elaine Dearstyne

Margaret Dennings

Mendal and Bertie Dick

Gerald and Lucille Diddle

Rob and Marna Distaffen

Mark and Celeste Donleavy

Bonnie and Jim Dove

David and Lee Ann Dunn


Melville and Eileen Elliot


Ken and Becky Fairbanks

James and Candice Fazar

Connie Fee

Keith and Gloria Fidler

Steve and Pam Field

Mark and Julie Fish

Mary Flaherty

Ron and Janet Follansbee

Karen and Jason Frasier

Helen Frey

Harry Frudd


Jim and Elsie Galbo

Harold and Victoria Gardner

Dave and Sarah George

Patrick Glantz

Rich Grace and Donna McLaren-Grace

Ramona Graham

Rachel Graham

Lee and Carol Gravelle

Larry and Joan Greeno

Beth and Rich Greer

Julie and Nelson Grimm

Karen and Roger Gripp

Terry and Carol Griswold

Steve and Norma Grover

Tom and Jan Gurnick


Dave and Rosemary Haller

Doug and Carol Hallett

Mark and Martha Hardy

Sue and Glenn Harkins

Eunice Harr

Bob and Meg Hartman

Gale and Elaine Harveu

Roger and Ellen Haskins

Warren and Lisa Hastings

Dave and Joyce Heimberger

Mike and Cheryl Heimberger

Roland and Gail Heimberger

Darlene and Mark Heitz

Herb and Jean Hendricks

Marilyn Henry

Ray and Kathryn Hewgill

Nelson and Karen Hill

Romy Hosford

Margot Hughes

Dave and Sara Hughes

Casey Hust

Bryan and Jennifer Hutchinson

Steve and Mary Ann Hutchison


Lois James

Denis and Cheryl Johnson

Denise Johnson


John Kareis

John and Amy Kells

Chuck and Carol Kenyon

LeRoy and Wilma Kettinger

Kirk and Michelle Kettinger

Dan and Jane Kilker

Burt and Jauneta Kincaid

Rick and Bev Kinde

Roy and Lucille King

Jeannette King

Andrew Koehl

Roger and Melodee Kopa

Evangeline and Victor Kovach

Glenn and Marcie Krause


Peter and Kimberly LaCelle

Gloria LaFountain

Marilyn and David Lange

John and Rhonda Lanni

Paul and Neva Lattimer

Doug and Christine Lee

Jon and Caroline Lee

James and Joan Lee

Ellen Lee

Laurie and Vince Leo

David and Linda Leupold

Linda Lewis

Shawn and Kathy Liddle

James and Phyllis Lilly

Thomas Linhart

Matthew Lloyd

Mark and Ruth Logan

Katy and Jack Logan

Crystal and Mark Long

Chuck and Susan Lowell

Pete and Linda Lowell

Michele Lupo


Wes and Peggy Mack

John and Susanne Mahler

Devon Marks

Kay Mason

Joseph and Lisa McCarthy

Lester and Laura McClelland

Bobby and Becca McColl

Pete and Wendy McCown

Rob and Karen McCoy

Jeffery and Rochelle McGhee

Max and Kristin McGinnis

Merl and Angela McGinnis

John and Maureen Mertz

Gary and Erin Meyers

Bob and Leslie Mitchell

Sue Mohnkern

Constance Moore

Bonnie Moore

Matt and Julie Morley

Ginny and Fred Morton

Jim and Sheri Morton

Ray and Rosemary Morton

James and Margaret Moser

Katie and Jason Murphy

Cheryl Murray

Patricia Myers

Brenda and Ralph Myrthil


Ron and Joan Necoechea

Justin and Erin Niebel

Simon Njumbwa

Chuck and Sharon Norton


Brian and Carol O'Connell

Paul and Cheryl Odell

Phil and Judy Ogden

Lillian Oliveira

Krista and John Oremus


Ruth Pappas

Janet Pecnik

Karen and Doug Pereira

Chris Pessagno

Roger and Eunice Peters

Mark and Kathi Peterson

Carl and Candie Pocock

Marc and Amy Porpilia

Deana and Douglas Porterfield

Glenn and Edie Porterfield

Winston Pottle

Victoria and David Proffitt

Mark Profit


Anita Raboin

Bill and Patti Radel

Gary and Cheryl Raduns

Santhiny and Thambirajah Rajamohan

Joy Rebstein

Debbie and Neal Redmond

Kris Reed

Martin and Nancy Reinhardt

John and Dona Reinhold

Paul and Sally Renter

Rob and Cheryl Repass

Debbie Restivo

Lucille Richmond

Ray and Lynne Ripperger

Mark and Denise Rivera

Roger and Cheryl Robinson

Vincent and Donna Rodger

Dave and Peggy Roll

Dave and Lucille Rondeau

Barbara and Gary Rose

Gregory and Monica Ross

Margaret Rowe

Ted and Bev Roy

Dan and Amanda Rudd

Sue and Chuck Rudd


Ron and Shelley Sadler

Colleen Sandle

Rhonda and John Sanger-Lanni

Pradeep and Wendy Saxena

Todd Scheske

Karen Scheske

Amy Schmalfuss

Linda and Bill Schmalfuss

Phillip and Brette-Ashley Schmitt

Angie and Brian Schneider

Linda Schroth

Ron and Becky Schumacher

Harold and Ginny Scott

Laura and Bob Segave

Jack and Merilyn Seibert

Darleen and George Shannon

Paul and Joy Shewan

Carolyn and Larry Showers

Tom and Allegra Simpson

Ken and Jerry Sisson

Dave and Ester Skiff

Wes and Barb Skinner

Thomas and Darryl Smith

Brad and Joyce Smith

Dan and Mendy Smith

John and Barbara Smithgall

Dan and Diane Snyder

Dick and Janet Snyder

Bob and Leah Snyder

Beth and Harvey Specht

Beth Spetz

Werner and Mary Spitz

Eric and Vanessa Stallkamp

Erv and Carrie Starr

David and Janet Stauffer

Paul Stevenson

Paul and Ruth Stewart

Alison Strange

Yvonne and Jon Strong

Wanda and Mark Swanson


Terry and Sherri Taber

Helen Irene Taliotis

Deb Tedone

Carl and Kathy Tesavis

Daryl and Lisa Tiffin

Trina Tinkous

Cheryl and Marty Trepus

Dave and Ardis Tucker

Dave and Betty Tullar


Joseph and Marilee Urbanczyk


Michael and Grace Valenti

Ann Valento

Tim and Julie Vande Brake

Wes and Nancy Vanderhoof

Maurice and Edith Vannest

Maria Villodre

Ruth and Lyle Vincent


John and Jane Walker

Bethany Webb

Dick and Faith Weber

Doug and Mimi Wheeler

Deborah and Calvin White

Abigail and Dylan Widerick

John Mark and Kimberley Wiedefeld

Edie and Dave Williams

Jeffrey and Patricia Willit

Mike and Cynthia Wilson

Caleb and Jaclyn Winne

Erle and Grace Wirth

Bob and Carolyn Witherow

Dan and Debbie Wolfe

Pat Wright

Mike Wright


John Yansick

Timothy Young


Stan and Barb Ziblut

Paul and Kim Ziegler

Brian and Doris Zinck