Paul Stewart, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication; Chair, Department of Communication; Director, First-Year Seminar



Specialty Areas

Rhetorical Criticism, American Public Discourse, Media Ecology, Communication Ethics

Research Areas

Public Discourse, Public Sphere,  Early American Petitioning, Jacques Ellul, Media Ecology

Sample Publications and Presentations

  • "Early American Petitioning, Epistolary Theory, and the Importance of Form," competitive paper presented at the International Society for the History of Rhetoric Conference, Montreal, 2009.
  • "Ellul vs Augustine: Objectification, Dialogue, and the Ethics of Rhetoric," competitive paper presented at the Association of Core Texts and Colleges Conference, Memphis, 2009
  • Solomon, Martha & Paul B. Stewart.  "Beyond the Rainbow: Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition Speech," Great Speeches for Criticism and Analysis.  eds. Lloyd Rohler & Roger Cook.  1993