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Patrick Russi, Esq

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

Patrick has extensive experience in the legal sector.  A lifelong resident of Irondequoit, Patrick currently resides as Town Justice, since his appointment in 2010, and subsequent elections. His caseload includes a wide variety of matters including criminal, vehicle and traffic, navigation, environmental conservation, landlord-tenant, small claims, and town code enforcement. A former ADA in the Monroe County District Attorney’s office, and a law clerk in the U. S. Attorney’s office while in law school, Patrick has built a career as a trial attorney, but also covered areas ranging from defense and civil work to code compliance and zoning issues. He also has his own law practice in Greece, NY, with a primary focus on criminal, DWI, and traffic defense litigation, residential real estate transactions, estate planning, probate and administration, consumer bankruptcy and debt negotiation, and foreclosure resolution, and holds various panel memberships.

Patrick brings over 20 years of Criminal Justice teaching with him to Roberts, including such courses as Law 101, Criminal Procedure Litigation, Bankruptcy, and Fact-Finding Research.