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Kimberly Prouty, M.S.

Graduate Psychology Field Education Director; Assist. Prof. of Psychology



Professional Credentials

CERTIFICATION: School Psychologist, Permanent, New York State

Professional Experience

July 2005 – Present
Director, Graduate Psychology Field Education,
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester New York

Responsibilities include: securing field placements for all graduate students in psychology in the areas of school psychology and school counseling.  In addition, serve as primary field liaison and supervisor for all students including on-site visits and group supervision. Teaching at the graduate level is primarily in the specialization areas of School Psychology and School Counseling.  Primary coursework is in the areas of Education, Field/Practicum Instruction and Internship Seminar.  Supervise undergraduate internships.  Coordinate volunteer mentoring experience with transition specialists with Gates Senior High School.

Spring 2008
School Psychologist Substitute
West Irondequoit School District, High School, Rochester, New York                       

Conducted initial evaluations for students referred to the Committee on Special Education.

January 2007-June 2007 
School Psychologist, Part-time; Long-Term Substitute 
Northwood Elementary School, Hilton Central School District, Hilton, NY

December 2001 – June 2005
School Psychologist, Senior High School
(Grades 10 – 12)
Churchville-Chili Central School District, Churchville, NY                                

Responsibilities included: initial and re-evaluations, consultations, scheduling Pre-CSE, transition and Annual Review meetings; Monitoring compliance issues related to IEP’s; Implementation of transition from paper IEP’s to computerized system (IEP Direct); Facilitate transition, Pre-CSE and building level CSE meetings; Crisis counseling;Collaborate with School Counselors regarding scheduling students receiving special education services; Creative problem solving related to instructional needs; Attending and presenting at CSE meetings (for initial evaluations, program reviews, Nexxus meetings, re-evaluations, amendments); Participated in coaches training in Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS); Strength Based Assessments and Facilitated “wrap around” meetings for our most challenging students

September, 1991 – November, 2001
School Psychologist
Greece Central School District, Rochester New York

Throughout the experiences listed below, I supervised practicum students, attended conferences and trainings (Including Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Life Space Crisis Intervention, Instruction for All, etc.), developed and presented to parents and teachers, co-taught lessons related to stress, problem-solving, responsibility and multiple intelligences and have taken on leadership and administrative responsibilities related to processes and needs of special education students within the various educational systems. I collaborated with administrators, teachers, counselors, speech/language therapists and reading specialists to facilitate change in service delivery, instruction and work as a team to adapt to student needs.

  • November 2000 – November 2001        
    School Psychologist/Counselor Behavior Management Program          
    Buckman Heights (Grades 3–5)

    Responsibilities included duties of a building level school psychologist (assessments, consultations) and IEP mandated counseling for 24 students classified with
     emotional and behavior needs.

  • September 1998 – November  2000
    School Psychologist          
    Holmes Road (Grades K – 2)/Buckman Heights (Grades 3 – 5) 

    Assisted administration in facilitating the transition from 15:1 blended classrooms to inclusion involving Consultant Teacher model; Supported and educated teachers through the change; Developed presentations, programs and school wide processes to increase pre-referral strategies; Challenged and changed beliefs about children receiving special education services; Standard duties of assessment, report writing and consultations.

    Created grade level Instructional Support Teams (IST’s) in collaboration with colleagues in both buildings; Changed the structure and process of building level IST’s;

    Developed a consistent referral form between the 2 buildings; Established a team approach/process in reviewing parent requests for assessments; Implemented Student Action Plans to address teacher concerns and student needs; Expanded our previous pre-referral interventions to include more observations, direct consultations and class-wide interventions. Initiated process for Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA).

    Supported teachers with the implementation of student centered interventions, including a “Responsibility Rubric”, individualized self-monitoring checklists and goal setting systems, class assessments based on learning styles, parent-teacher-student conferences and problem-solving conferences. A presentation of the information from Barbara Colorossa’s work, “Kids are Worth It!” for parents and teachers provided guidelines for adults to teach children responsibility through discipline and problem solving.

    Facilitated parent meetings and implementation of a school-wide responsibility rubric.

  • September, 1995 – June, 1998         
    School Psychologist/Counselor - Behavior Management Program
    Arcadia Middle School (grades 6 – 8)

    Supported and expanded the behavior management program in the school. This included collaboration with general education teachers around students with behavior challenges. Established connections to support the inclusion of our students with the general education population. Students were active in identifying and working towards their individual goals.

    Established relationships with students identified with emotional and behavior needs, supporting them in problem-solving, self-awareness and accepting responsibility, as well as teaching them strategies for dealing with peer relationships, conflict, learning challenges, anger, frustration and self-control. Often this involved parent-teacher and student conferences to coordinate efforts.

  • September, 1991 – June, 1995
    School Psychologist          
    English Village (Grades K – 2)/Lakeshore (Grades 3 – 5)

    Completed of 90 – 100 evaluations per year and facilitated weekly IST meetings in both buildings.

    Developed and ran a monthly parent support group designed for parents with children either diagnosed or suspected of having ADHD. Set up a parenting class in coordination with Dr. Roger Yeager from Rochester General.

    Worked for 4 different administrators and provided counseling support in addition to completing the assessments, as we experienced a turn-over of 4 counselors within 2 years.

    Involved with developing and providing instruction for a group of kindergarten students that were identified as “At-Risk.” Together with the speech/language teacher, counselor, reading teacher and building aides, we extended the school day twice per week to provide concept and theme oriented small group lessons.

  • August, 1990 – June, 1991
    School Psychology Intern         
    Greece Central School District, Greece, New York.          
    Athena Middle School (6-8), English Village (K-2) and Lakeshore Intermediate (3-5) Schools

    Responsibilities included conducting assessments, consulted with parents and teachers, presented at Committee on Special Education meetings, co-facilitated counseling groups (Children of Divorce) with school counselor.

Professional Affiliations

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP)
School Psychology Educators Counselor of New York State (SPECNYS)
New York State School Counselors Association (NYSSCA)
American School Counselors Association (ASCA)