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Keri Bassett, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology


Dr. Keri Bassett has been both a faculty member in the Psychology Department at Roberts Wesleyan College and an adjunct clinical psychologist at the RWC Counseling Center since 2007. She teaches primarily in the graduate psychology programs (Masters in School Counseling, Masters in School Psychology, and Doctor of Psychology in Clinical/School Psychology). Dr. Bassett also enjoys maintaining a small caseload at the RWC Counseling Center, and specializes in the treatment of personality disorders.  Her primary theoretical orientation is from the object relations perspective, but she also utilizes interventions from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). In addition, Dr. Bassett has conducted research on human trafficking in Sierra Leone and the Philippines. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel internationally while using her psychological training (in both clinical and research skills) in order to address the need for aftercare services for victims of trafficking.

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association  2002-Present
Christian Association of Psychological Studies 2007-Present Genesee Valley Psychological Association  2007-Present
National Association of School Psychologists  2007-Present

Clinical Experience

Staff CounselorSept 08 to Present
College Counseling Center, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY

Primary Therapist  June 05 to July 07
St. Mary’s Mental Health Clinic, Unity Health System, Rochester, NY

Postdoctoral Fellow in College Mental Health Aug 04 to June 05
Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Intern (APA Accredited)  
Aug 03 to July 04 University Counseling Center
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Psychological Assessment Assistant Sept 02 to Jun 03
Augustus F. Hawkins Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center
Martin Luther King Jr./Charles Drew Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Psychotherapist Sept 01 to May 03
Biola Counseling Center, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

Psychometrist/Child & Adolescent Therapist  Sept 00 to May 01
Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District 
Norwalk High School; D.D. Johnston Elementary School, Norwalk, CA

Psychotherapist Jan 00 to May 00
Biola Counseling Center, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

Research Experience

Technical Editor Sept 01 to June 03
Journal of Psychology and Theology, Rosemead School of Psychology, La Mirada, CA


Barnett, K. L., Bassett, R. L., Grimm, J. P., & Repass, C. L. (2012). Revisiting the issue of influential sources of integration of psychology and theology: Are we there yet? Journal of Psychology and Theology, 40(2), 93-101.

Grimm, J. P., Barnett, K. L., Bassett, R. L., Pearson, S. M., Cornell, A., Morton, S., Scott, K., & Stevenson, P. (in press). Revisiting the issue of influential sources in the integration of psychology and theology: More than a decade summary. Journal of Psychology and Theology.

Barnett, K. L., Duvall, N. S., Edwards, K. J., & Hall, M. E. L. (2005). Psychological and spiritual predictors of domains of functioning and effectiveness of short-term missionariesJournal of Psychology and Theology, 33, 27-40.

Professional Presentations

Barnett, K. L. (2009, November). Dialectical behavior therapy: Treating pervasive emotional dysregulation. Paper presented at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies East Conference, Chambersburg, PA.

Bassett, R., Grimm, J. P., Altman, J., & Barnett, K. L. (2009, April). Seeking forgiveness and new ways of thinking about remorse. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, Orlando, FL.

Hager, E., & Barnett, K. L. (2014, June). Lessons learned: Building a college-adapted DBT program. Paper presented at the University and College Counseling Centers of New York Conference, Plattsburgh, NY.

Willis, L. K., & Barnett, K. L. Psychological effects of career issues on musicians. (2004, October). S. Raeburn (Chair), Mental health issues and music students.Symposium conducted at Health Promotions in Schools of Music Conference, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.

Community Presentations

Healing of Mental Health Disorders Through the Church in Post-Civil War Central Africa. Presentation with Norman Wetterau, MD at the Healing Ministry Through the Majority World Church, A National Free Methodist Mission Conference, Rochester, NY, September 2012.

Letters to Congress: Advocacy for Social Justice
. Presentation at Gatumba Memorial Gathering, Gatumba Refugee Survivors Foundation, Syracuse, NY, August 2011.

Importance of the Relationship and Emotions in Pastoral Care. Presentation to pastoral staff, New Hope Free Methodist Church, Rochester, NY, June 2011.

Biblical Understanding of Emotions. Presentation at Pastoral Counseling Seminar, Wesleyan Bible Institute, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, July 2010. 

Conflict & Forgiveness. Presentation at Pastoral Counseling Seminar, Wesleyan Bible Institute, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, July 2010.

Encountering Mental Health Concerns in a Church Setting. Presentation at Embracing Life: A Conference on Ministry & Mental Health, New Hope Free Methodist Church, Rochester, NY, October 2009.

PREP Marriage Seminar. Presentation to couples at a weekend marriage workshop, MarinersChurch, Irvine, CA, March 2002.

Emotional I.Q. and Empathy. Presentation to Single Parents’ Fellowship, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA, June 2000.

What about Bob?: How to Help while Maintaining Boundaries. Presentation at MOPS Leadership Team meeting, Northgate Free Methodist Church, Batavia, NY, June 2014.

What about Bob?: How to Help while Maintaining Boundaries. Presentation to the Leadership Team meeting, Faith Temple, Rochester, NY, June 2014.

What about Bob?: How to Help while Maintaining Boundaries. Presentation at Faith Communities Mental Health Conference, Agape Counseling Associates, Rochester, NY, April 2014.

Hero of Faith: Hannah. Presentation at Graduates and Professionals Ministry, Browncroft Community Church, Rochester, NY, November 2013.

Biographical Statement

When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to participate on a mission trip to the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. During this experience, I had a conversation with a depressed 19-year-old Navajo woman. She immediately began sharing her life story, which contained many horrific events, including childhood physical abuse, a teenage pregnancy, and domestic violence in her marriage. Seeing her pain made me long to help her, but all I could do was listen to her. Even though I never saw this woman again, I have never forgotten her. This experience opened my eyes to the suffering caused by psychological problems and stirred my desire to work in a field that aims to alleviate suffering through therapeutic interventions and the application of research.

After majoring in psychology at Houghton College and then pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology, I am now a licensed psychologist in New York State. Before coming to Roberts Wesleyan College as a faculty member, I worked full-time as a clinician in a college mental health clinic and a community mental health clinic. I specialized with working with trauma survivors and people with personality disorders, including participating on a dialectical behavior therapy treatment team. I loved seeing my clients grow and experience healing in their lives! However, leaving full-time clinical work to become a faculty member, who primarily teaches clinical courses in the graduate psychology programs, has allowed me to touch even more lives by training students to be competent mental health practitioners. I find it very rewarding to teach, supervisor, support, and mentor our students as they develop professional skills. As a psychologist, I believe in the importance of investing in our students to enable them to develop more fully in their intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual lives. I also continue to keep my clinical skills up-to-date by serving as an adjunct staff counselor at RWC’s college counseling center.

I also have a passion for world missions and using my psychological training to better equip the church for more effective ministry. Due to my love of traveling and international service, I have been privileged to serve in several countries, including Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.