Athena Nichols, Dr.

Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts



Dr. Nichols has 22 years of teaching experience in the Albion Central School District and has taught every age level from first grade through adult and continuing education courses. Her background includes being a tenured elementary school teacher and a tenured, visual art teacher of grades 1-12. These teaching experiences helped form her commitment to improving and enhancing teaching and learning processes. She serves on a number of committees, devotes much time to community service projects and has an extensive list of honors and awards for both teaching and artistry. Her research interests include active engagement and the arts. Her drive to become a scholar-practitioner and servant-leader are both systematic and creative. Her belief that teaching and research are both a science and an art brings inspiration and insight to her work. Her specialized training as an educator and artist informs her professional career in research, evaluation, and higher education and has taught her to look for productive and aesthetic balance between impediment and resolution. She enjoys and respects variety and diversity and looks forward to working with you!