- A -

Paul L. Adams

Bertha Priestly Agor

Harry F. Anderson

Mort and Kay Armstrong

Calvin Coolidge Avery

- B -

Myrtle C. Ballew

James Arthur Barnard

Andrew Basinger

Dr. Paul Berry

Herman H. and Della C. Bowman

Jilian Renee Brady

Howard H. Burt and Anna W. Burt

Theodore R. Byerts

- C -

Everett J. and Louise B. Campbell

Sandra Tock Carney

Charles and Irene Churukian

Robert L. Conner

Agnes Mae Conner

Paul and Martha Cooley

Chester C. Crill

- D -

Carl Alton Dailey

Elwood L. Daugherty

- F -

Reverend Charles and Mary Holcomb Fairbanks

William E. Fox

Elmar and Catherine Frangenberg

NES Arts in Ministry Fund

- G -

Penny Sittig Grimm

Leland Grimm

- H -

Roy S. Harner

Jean Ruth Heath

Dr. Ellwyn E. Heier

Anna Alberta Torrence Heldreth

Fred M. Hendricks and Melva Snyder Hendricks

Peter John Hodgins

June H. Holden

Winifred Joy Howson

Robert and Winifred Howson

Martha Viola Humesline

- J -

Barbara L. Johnson

Reverend and Mrs. James A. Junker

- K -

Beverly J. Keim

Douglas E. Kemp

- L -

Norman P. Leenhouts

Jean E. Lindsay

Dorothy Tenney Lucas

- M -

Dr. Stanley R. and Virginia M. Magill

Bob and Barbara McCord

Reverend Ray L. McGinnis

Linda Williams McGrath

Donald F. Mohnkern

Charles L. Morey

Dave and Jean Morrow

Alfred E. Morton

Barbara Ann Muller

- N -

Irene Bell Nagle

Ruth E. Norejko

Elizabeth A. Nussey

- R -

David E. Robbins

Rachele A. Rudd

- S -

Mildred M. Schoenhals

Jack D. and Ida Otto Sidler

Charlotte A. Skinner

Elton O. Smith, Sr. and Ruth Smith

Nancy Elizabeth Smith

Rev. Samuel O. Smout and Edna S. Smout

Wesley Roberts Skinner, Sr.

Elizabeth Martin Staines

Jeffrey B. Strong

Leona Lane Snyder R.N.

- W -

Loren E. and Ruby Prior Wagner

Brenda C. and Lyndon C. Walters

Nelson J. Weighill