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Diversity Committees

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Diversity & Equity Council

  • Purpose:  To provide a unified space for the primary leaders of diversity, equity, and belonging offices and committees to communicate about their work, support each other’s efforts, and collaborate and partner on diversity, equity, and belonging activities and initiatives when deemed appropriate or helpful. This Council, therefore, comprises the leaders of the following diversity, equity, and belonging offices and committees (Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Belonging, Director of Diversity and Belonging, Co-Leader of Coalition for Race and Ethnicity (CORE)*, President of Student Multicultural Advisory Council (SMAC), Chair of Academic Diversity Committee, Faculty Ambassadors of Diversity and Equity (FADE), Director of International Engagement). Given the heavy academic focus of this work, the Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Chief Academic Officer** will also serve on the Council and co-chair it with the Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Belonging. Ultimately, this Council would prevent diversity, equity, and belonging leaders and partners of this work at Roberts from working in silos and will help enable diversity, equity, and belonging work to be decentralized in a system that functions and communicates well. At least one of the meetings per semester will entail representatives from supporting committees (EEO Review, Campus Title IX, ADA, etc.) being invited to attend the meeting to give a report and provide any updates/input they may have in the realm of diversity, equity, and belonging concerns or efforts.

  • Meetings: 2-3/semester

  • Co-Chaired by:  Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Belonging & Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Chief Academic Officer **

  • Council makes recommendations to: Chief Academic Officer and VP for Student and Organizational Development.

Academic Diversity Committee

  • Purpose: This committee develops, advocates for, and monitors the accomplishment of academic policies and experiences designed to enhance awareness and appreciation for human diversity within and beyond the College. Through policy development, professional development opportunities, and curricular and co-curricular activity, the committee seeks to (1) create a campuswide academic community in which all students, staff, and faculty are accepted, valued, and treated equitably and (2) foster academic experiences within the College community that prepare graduates for life in a diverse, multicultural community beyond the College.

  • Meetings: Monthly

  • Co-Chaired by: a Dean and a faculty member, elected by the committee to serve as Co-Chairs

Staff Diversity Committee

  • Purpose: The Staff Diversity Committee exists to advocate and support diversity among the staff.  With the support of the Diversity & Equity Council, the Committee will advise and recommend policies and practices that align with the College’s strategic initiatives. The Committee will also encourage opportunities for staff to grow in their own understanding of diversity and to work toward a consistent environment of inclusion.

  • Meetings: Monthly

  • Chair: Director of Diversity & Equity

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Committee

  • Purpose: To support the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and serve as a champion /escalation/review body for ensuring ADA compliance. Members of this committee are responsible for the implementation of ADA compliance within their areas of responsibility.

  • Meetings: Twice/semester or more as needed

  • Chair: Director of Human Resources

Global Education Committee

  • Purpose: To promote a national and international dimension in the College’s mission of scholarship, spiritual formation, and service through study abroad, mission trips, and international student services.

  • Meetings: meets once a month

  • Chair: Director of International Engagement

Multicultural Advisory Board

  • Purpose: The Purpose of the MAB is to help the College seek to reflect the richness of human diversity within its students, staff, faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees as a manifestation of its Christian heritage; foster communication and networking among multicultural students, alumni, faculty/staff and friends; and act as a key advisor to the College on policies and procedures that will positively impact the multicultural experience at Roberts Wesleyan College. The Board is composed of dedicated alumni and supporters who are passionate about the College and invested in its future by promoting unity, celebrating diversity, and advocating for the multicultural community.

  • Meetings: Currently under reconstruction

  • Co-Chairs: TBD

Collaborative for Race and Ethnicity (CORE)

  • Purpose: The Collaborative for Race and Ethnicity (CORE) is guided by the core belief of Imago Dei; all people are created in the Image of God and should be valued accordingly. The purpose of this group is to support and empower racially and ethnically underrepresented faculty and staff on campus. CORE will advocate for the needs of racially and ethnically underrepresented people in the campus community and beyond and create channels to celebrate the voices, identities, experiences, and talents of these groups. These efforts will help aid in the flourishing of people and communities.

  • Meetings: 2 times a semester

  • Co-Chairs: TBD