The Ceramics concentration is designed for the student who is interested in developing as a ceramic artist.

In the introductory course you will learn hand building and wheel throwing techniques, along with various surface and high fire glazing techniques.

In upper level courses, you will develop technical skills in hand building, wheel throwing or in combinations of both of these techniques. Depending on your interest, you may have further investigation into content, form, and surface treatment.

By your senior year, you will have participated in loading and unloading kilns, firing kilns, glaze study and testing, clay mixing, and general studio maintenance. 

As a graduate of the ceramic program, you can pursue many careers such as:

  • studio artist
  • K-12 art teacher
  • art professor
  • ceramic designer
  • glaze technician
  • studio manager



For more information, contact:

Joanna Poag, M.F.A, Assistant Professor of Art
585.594.6147 |

Professor Poag's work explores homeostasis of systems, and the resulting entropy or equilibrium of a self-regulating whole; a glimpse into a living, open system. The renewing of life and growth over time in even the smallest of structures is refreshing to her, and she seeks to create a glimpse of the elegance of the (dis)order she finds so captivating. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Read more about Professor Poag here.